Articles by Ms Zebra

After a small hiccup with a prior venue, Aghadoe Estate became the perfect backdrop for Lanie and Andy. It was a colourful and whimsical affair with the Bride Lanie being drawn to a 50s style dress. Falling into their romance, Lanie explains Andy’s favourite memories from their special day!Andy had maintained that he was fine […]

In a day that was truly about the couple, Julia and Didier married at the Flour Factory in Perth. Having known each other for a long time, the couple decided to do things their own way and it made for an incredibly special affair! Julia explains Didier’s outfit and colour choice for their day.Dier wore […]

With an inspired wedding in an Art Deco 60s style hotel, Nadine and Ben were keen for the nuptials to represent everything they are as a couple. Their gorgeous dog Maverick even made an appearance! Groom Ben shares his lasting memories of their wonderful day!The expression on my bride’s face as we walked into the […]