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It was a colourful and relaxed wedding, where Laura and Andy tied the knot. The pair wanted an intimate and informal, yet country BBQ vibe to be the main feelings of their special day. The Groom’s outfit was no exception – choosing a dapper outfit that is nothing of the norm or in the traditional […]

“Sarah and Logan have one of those serendipitous stories that led them together, even though they grew up almost next door. Sarah remembers “We met through a mutual friend and one of my bridesmaids (Kelly), little did we know that we actually shared several friends and friendship circles. Further, it turned out we grew up […]

A wedding so beautifully done in a French antiques store was where Melanie and Sean said ‘I do’. The day was intimate and special – much like the blossoming of their relationship. The Bride, Melanie tells of Sean’s attire for the day!Sean found his perfect suit, almost by accident. He had pretty much decided on […]