Articles by Ms Zig Zag

Sarah & Alex’s Sydney Botanic Gardens WeddingWhile a tie looks great and is certainly wedding-appropriate, they can be a little restricting (especially if you are feeling a nervous or flustered on your wedding day), so we don’t blame grooms who choose to go sans-tie, like Alex here, who looks super suave with blue buttoned shirt.“Alex […]

Alice & Lucas’s Romantic Red Feather Inn WeddingAlice and Luca’s advice for wedding planning is spot on! The important thing to focus on is your style and interests and make the day a reflection of your relationship.“Just do what is you, we didn’t focus on current trends, or compare to what other people had done […]

Mary & Jono’s Romantically Rustic WeddingWe are pretty used to grooms saying that seeing their bride walk down the aisle was their favourite part of the day, so you can imagine our delight at this cheeky ‘inspired memories’ post below. Bottoms up!Mary tells us that Jono’s favourite memory was “starting the day with my bride […]