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Image by Figtree Pictures via Eliza & Tristan’s Gorgeous Garden Party Wedding in Byron BayBouquets… there’s nothing to them, right? You walk down the aisle holding them, pose with them for a few pics and job done, right? Wrong!I’ve been a bridesmaid five times and a bride once, so I now know there’s a number of important […]

There’s something about bouquets that make everyone happy. They’re almost like the icing on the cake – they make the wedding all the prettier and sweeter. And while bouquets are flowery and fun, there’s also a lot to wrap your head around when considering the bouquet that is perfect you!Flowers by Gillian Pollard / Image […]

So, you’ve popped the question and the answer was “YES!” Congratulations and welcome to one of the most exciting times in your life…This month we explore what happens during the blissful engagement period. There’s the initial telling all of your loved ones the happy news, an engagement party to plan and a beautiful ring to […]