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We have to admit it, Winter is actually our favourite season here at Polka Dot Bride. Sure, the air is crisp and the days are short, but there is winter charm everywhere you look, from the almost bare trees to the moody, misty nights. It’s also a beautiful and practical season to tie to knot […]

If there’s one country we could write about all month long and then still have so much more to say, it’s the country of love, Italy! Tune into Polka Dot Honeymoons throughout June for Italian travel tips and inspiration, including this local’s guide to Panicale, Umbria. You’ll also find Italian blogs going up across each of […]

Once the wedding formalities are over, it’s time to kick back a little and let your hair down. For some this might mean heading straight to the dance floor and for others it’s enjoying a piece of cake and coffee. But let me tell you, if there is a gorgeously styled whisky bar fully stocked […]