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We’ve gone treasure hunting this July to bring you The Vintage Issue on Polka Dot Weddings. Vintage: adjective: denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind.Call it old, call it retro, call it pre-loved, can call it what you will. But here at Polka Dot Bride, we call vintage […]

We might be staying put at present, but it’s still the City Issue here on Polka Dot Bride and we always like to feel inspired for a brighter day. That includes international travel! Here are five of our favourite big city hustle honeymoons to get you mentally packing the old passport.1. Mia & Zak’s Maldives, […]

Image: De Lumiere PhotographyYep, we’re getting deep here on Polka Dot Wisdom. However, in these crazy times where relationships have been tested to their limits, we wanted to hear from some of the industry’s finest vendors to share their reflections on what is at the heart of a successiful partnership. We have the lovely Sarah of […]