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Image via Evoke PhotographyMost girls will drop hints and share their perfect engagement ring dreams with their boyfriend, making his job of choosing the ring a breeze… but some girls don’t!For the few unlucky guys who find themselves in this situation… we feel you. How do you know what she likes? How do you (genuinely) […]

How we met:Tim and I were introduced through a mutual friend. She basically thought we would be great for each other and we met for the first time and have been inseparable ever since!How he asked:It all began with my best friend Nicky turning up to my work with a card on Valentine’s Day. The […]

How we met:I met Daniel out one night in Fortitude Valley via our mutual friends at the time. I saw him a few weeks later and told his bestie I thought he was good looking and that I was interested. Daniel ended up coming up to me at our local pub and said ‘so I […]