Articles by Ms Honeycomb

If you’re looking to pamper your bridesmaids before the big day, why not get together and make some delicious homemade honey lip scrub? It takes only minutes to put together and will ensure you all look your best when getting dolled up for the wedding. Gorgeous lips guaranteed under that beautiful shade of lipstick you’ve chosen!What […]

If your bridesmaids love a luxurious soak in the tub, why not consider making them some sweet smelling bath salts? It’s super quick and easy, and you can personalise the fragrance if you know what they love. Wrapping can be great fun too! If your wedding theme is earthy and woodsy, pop the salts into […]

Baking for your own event may seem overwhelming, but a love of cake and handmade treats shouldn’t hold you back if you have a simple yet effective way of decorating. Enter these simple tree cake toppers! A quick and easy way to make your next towering cake look even more spectacular!Play around with different shapes […]