Articles by Ms Honeycomb

Claudia & TomekClaudia and Tomek’s intimate Melbourne wedding came during lockdown, and we are completely in love with their story and their day! All captured by photographer Anna Selent.The couple share, ”When we became engaged in February, we decided we didn’t want to wait long to get married. We came up with the date: 20th […]

Melissa & MichaelEmbracing the unexpected, Melissa and Michael used their original wedding details to create a beautiful lock down wedding in the country. Wearing her breathtaking floral wedding dress, the couple are still planning to throw a party at a later date, yet made the most of having a smaller celebration to begin. Quince & […]

As with any wedding, an elopement can be planned to the hilt or happily put together last minute. It can be done a million different ways, and we’ll love each one! If your elopement is towards the ‘last minute’ end of the spectrum, and you find yourself keen to carry a bouquet of sorts, we’ve […]