Articles by Cindy Man Hun

Image by Geist & Gradicsky Photographers via Twelve Romantic Gestures For Your BrideJust because you’re marrying your bride it doesn’t mean you’re let off giving her a wedding gift! Stuck? Look at what she values. Maybe she has impeccable taste or maybe she is a fan of creative gestures. Either way, we have all the faith […]

Image via Archery WarzThe buck’s celebration is a chance for the groom and his friends to come together and bond through light-hearted, action-packed activities! Take a look at our top five picks – great activities that are enjoyable and thrilling, allowing for “bromances” to strengthen all the while!Bubble Soccer. In this ‘bubble’ version of soccer, players wear […]

Image via BridesWant to look very dapper and on-trend both at the same time? Behold our top five looks of 2016 flaunted by celebrity grooms on their wedding day (what’s more, we provide you with almost identical key pieces from their outfits to make it easy for you to achieve that red carpet style!)Gary Clark […]