Articles by Oscar Hunt

With made to measure tailoring becoming the newest trend in classic menswear, it is important to know what makes a good tailor and how to discern if you are purchasing a quality product which suits you and your needs. An experienced tailor will know the correct measurements to take of your body, but more importantly […]

Image by Marcus FlackSummer is the season when men get to break a lot of the traditional fashion rules. Even for those who are fully immersed in the business world, summer presents a host of opportunities to break away from the rigid expectations of professional dress.Work days end earlier, lending themselves to more happy hours, beach […]

It’s officially only been here for a month, but is Winter getting you down already? Sick of trading your summer colours for grim grey? We hear you! While the weather might be somewhat depressing, your tailored attire doesn’t have to reflect the sombre atmosphere. Kick those winter blues and introduce some warm tones into your […]