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The April birthstone is Diamond. Happy birthday to all those born in April!Well where do we start with diamonds? It’s amazing how such a small stone has such power: enough to start wars but on a happier note, to be the symbol of two people sharing the rest of their lives together, whether it be […]

The February birthstone is Amethyst. Happy Birthday to all those born in February!The history of the amethyst.Amethyst has a long history, and has been used for centuries in regal accessories, thanks to its colour purple which is traditionally associated with all things noble.The Egyptians used it in their jewellery, and the ancient Greeks also wore […]

Image via EtsyGarnet is the January birthstone for jewelry. So Happy Birthday – oh and Happy New Year too by the way. 🙂There isn’t a lot known about garnets; they tend to fly under the radar, compared to their more high profile colour cousins, the ruby.Garnet comes in two varieties, Almandine and Rhodolite. Almandine garnet […]