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Image and ring via EtsyDecember’s birthstone is blue topaz. December is already a favourite month, with Christmas, but as this author is a huge fan of blue topaz, it makes it even more special!Topaz comes in many different colours: yellow, orange, violet and so on. However, most people are aware of blue topaz, given its […]

Citrine is the birthstone of November and the focus of this blog post.What is citrine?Citrine is essentially the yellow variety of quartz and can vary in colour from a light honey colour, through to the richer more orange tones.The name ‘citrine’ is derived from its french origins of ‘citron’, meaning ‘lemon’. Bien sur!Now, did you […]

Green Tourmaline Engagement ring via EtsyThe October birthstone Tourmaline is your’s if you’re born in this month. Happy Birthday to you 🙂Tourmaline has been known since antiquity in the Mediterranean region, but it was only in 1703 that they brought it from Sri Lanka to Western and Central Europe. The Dutch gave the new gems […]