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New York may seem very far away right now, but we’re bringing the urban charm right to your door as we show off every beautiful image from this stunning fashion editorial by the One Fine Day Bridal Market.You know and love this crew for water wedding fairs, but they also made magic in New York […]

Kavisha & HamishElopements need to be more of a thing. The focus on just you, on just your story, and nothing else? We’re always going to be big fans of that, especially when other plans just don ‘t work out. For Kavisha and Hamish, their initial plan for a big Indian wedding, with guests flying […]

Happy Monday Dotties! Now that the world is a different place to a month ago, how are your wedding plans going? Are you shifting for a new year? A new month? Starting from scratch?Our Polka Dot Directory is filled with creative people who take such pride in their work and would love to help you […]