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Ciaran & MichaelCiaran and Michael have spent their entire lives by the sea, in fact, they were only 11 and 12 when they met, aptly while running on the beach as members of the local surf living saving club. 14-year-old Ciaran even developed a crush on Michael, although, her future husband remained oblivious. It wasn’t […]

Tessa & DavidWith hot pink and gold, a little black tie and a gorgeous clear marquee, it was always going to be about sheer glamour for Tessa and David.Their sun-dappled April wedding day, was just as Tessa had dreamt. “A floral, pink, gold and marble jungle. The atmosphere was just full of love, happiness and […]

Here’s the thing about wedding gown collections at Polka Dot Bride. We love them, we adore them. We dream about them, we plan another ten thousand weddings for ourselves just to wear them.And when the brand new “La Europa” collection from Australian designers L’eto Bridal landed on our desks, well let’s just say, those dreams haven’t stopped.Under […]