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We all remember balloons as part of the magic of childhood- tied to your wrist so they didn’t fly off, adorning birthdays, celebrations and everything in between. They’ve also become such a fun decor idea to add to wedding decor over the past year and today? We’re exploring plenty of fun wedding ideas inspired by balloons […]

For today’s cake cocktail, we wanted some sweet relief from the normally cream filled cocktails that come to mind when you think of cake. So we explored the fruit flavour of the Italian Wedding cake cocktail. This one is supposed to take on the flavour of its namesake – a little fruity, a little nutty […]

Beetroot and Rose Truffle Cake Recipe from “Sticky Fingers, Green Thumb” By Hayley McKeeIf you wanted to know anything about cakes, then chances are we are covering it this month on The Cake Issue. We have everything from roundups, price guides, seasonal flavour talk and we still have a week to go!We have plenty of […]