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For the bride that can’t get enough bling, the media featured a new bottled water over the weekend. Not just any water of course, this liquid is known as ‘couture water’.Designed and developed by Kevin G. Boyd- a Hollywood producer & writer. Bling H2O is spring water from Tennessee. It’s an award winner, winning the […]

Australia’s favourite TV daughter Sally (Kate Ritchie) on Home and Away prepares for her third wedding this week and she makes quite the blushing bride!Bridesmaids played by characters Rachael, Leah & Cassie are dressed in Fleur Wood & Manning Cartel. They carried bouquets of white gardenias. Perfect for a beachside wedding.Ric, the groom Brad and […]

Among our favourite blogs (Blue Orchid Designs, Perfect Bound and others) we too at Polka Dot Bride are getting involved in Blog Action Day will take place on October 15th 2007 when bloggers around the world will blog on the same issue- in this case an important issue, the environment.The Blog Action’s Website says“On October 15th, […]