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A lot of brides want to get married in a church but aren’t religious, or have conflicting religious backgrounds. Many cities in Australia don’t provide a lot of indoor options for winter or weather concerned brides, sometimes a foyer of the reception venue is all there is!St Michaels is a non denominational church located in […]

Real Weddings Magazine

Real Weddings is an Australian magazine produced in Melbourne. What started out as a small magazine is now eagerly anticipated by a number of women in Australia- me included! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next issue! Real Weddings bought out their first annual last year. Real Weddings Style. It’s a beautiful […]

In my younger days I collected all kinds of bridal information, a lot I still have today. I’d drag my dad to the photocopier and have him help me photocopy my favourite bits out of bridal magazines – bits I still have today. My collection of bridal magazines is one I am slightly red faced […]