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You may remember I posted an inspiration board for Ali’s Salsa style engagement party a few months ago. Ali also shared with me her vision of her wedding day. So here’s an inspiration board designed to capture the feel of what Ali and her fiance are going for! Click to view largerRainforest from Pittwater- Irrarong […]

This week’s snapshot comes from US photographer DrewB Photography. Drew is such a gorgeous lady- she’s the type of girl I feel like I could chat weddings, life and be best mates with!This shot gives me butterflies- the bride who is so excited (and perhaps a little nervous) about getting into the wedding gown she’s […]

The myriad of design blogs, Etsy and photography blogs has enriched my view of art. I suppose it’s given me a greater inspiration for beauty in small and unique things.For The Love Of Light is tribute to the Polaroid. Created by Jen Altman, it’s a collection of Polaroid photos taken by twenty five photographers from […]