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2007 has already been a big year for wedding magazines! The shelves are stocked for the newly engaged and for those who race to the newsagent when the latest edition is released (don’t look at me!)  – it’s a great time for grabbing the latest issue!So here’s a peek at our favourite magazines on the […]

I just read about a new site that’s started called ‘Honest Answers About Wedding Photography’. It’s written by a bunch of wedding photographers (who go by The Professional Wedding Photographers’ Collective) and has all the questions, the tips and the answers you need to choose the best wedding photographer for you.There’s a soon – to […]

The Big Group is one of my favourite event companies. It’s a Melbourne based company run by Bruce and Chyka Keebaugh. Chyka has the most amazing sense of style and so you know anything you’ll come across with The Big Group will be fresh and innovative.The Big Group cater to a wide array of venues […]