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Bell sleeved embroidered top with shoestring embroidered gownCollette Dinnigin is famous among the frocked up for her beautiful gowns. Collette also designs bridal gowns (which in some cases can be very reasonably priced) With stunning fabrics and beautiful details many stars and beautiful brides have chosen Collette as their designer for their big day. Sarah […]

Photo by Megan Cullen from that’s what I call a ‘Just Married’ sign! Spotted on the back of the Packer Yacht the day after the Packer nuptials.

After the wedding is sometimes an unexpected emotional time for the bride- after months or even years of planning, suddenly it’s over. This doesn’t necessarily mean the wedding was all about the planning and not the marriage, but it is an area that exists and has even been titled as ‘post wedding depression’.Sheryl Paul Nissien […]