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Eva Longoria’s wedding location- Saint German l’Auxerrios Church in Paris (Photo from SMH)Well even though the 7th of July 2007 was a freezing day in most parts of Australia, brides who chose the date still made it on the news! (I did spot a number of thick fur capes chosen as accessories).Eva arriving at Paris […]

I recently took this quiz Your Dream Engagement Ring Has a Princess Cut Diamond! That doesn’t mean you’re a princess though. Far from it 🙂 You’re modern, sleek, and more than a little bold at times. You prefer that your old fashioned ring fit into your modern life. A streamlined princess cut ring is like […]

7 7 7 It’s a new phenomena that perhaps hasn’t taken off in Australia as much as the US and other countries (which can only be attributed to the fact a July Australian bride may have to wear her thermals under her wedding gown, as opposed to the US bride who is in the height […]