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It’s so hard picking a photographer. They’re one of the most expensive parts of your wedding day and so much is riding on that one choice.Some of my friends accuse me of being a photographer groupie. I am, I admit it. I love a good wedding photograph and I always want more!I’m loving the new […]

I love this fruit bowl by Alessi, it has such a sleek design but there’s something very appealing about it, it’s almost like pick up sticks suspended in mid air! It helps your fruit last longer too by allowing better airflow! Available from Eva Solo Smiley BowlAren’t these cosy looking? They’re actually just shades for […]

Weddings are expensive, but not only for the hosts of the wedding but also for friends. There’s the cost of new outfits, presents for pre wedding celebrations,  flights, accommodation, wedding present and more.Kate Perry has written an article today which examines the real costs for others of your wedding. It’s a good read! Check it […]