Articles by Polka Dot Bride

Happy Monday Dotties! We’re at the beginning of another week and another week closer to the end of 2020!As the year has unfolded there has been one catastrophic event after another and as we get through one event, another one has loomed into our reality to deal with. As shell shocked as we are, has […]

Caitlin & BaydenDark and moody and utterly romantic, today’s story centres around Caitlin and Bayden and it’s set against the stunning Kangaroo Valley during that magic time we call golden hour. With beautiful photography (and a film, scroll on for that one!) both by Translucent Photography, this looks like the ideal way to spend a […]

Megan & DigbyWhen it comes to The Sparkle Issue, while we love the blindingly glittery weddings, we’re also fond of those with a little subtle shimmer. And today for Megan & Digby’s family-filled big day, we got exactly that, Megan donning a stunning white sparkly gown and she wed her beloved Digby overlooking Megan’s family […]