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Bec & NickAutumnal weddings are always a favourite around these parts, give us a wedding where there are grey skies, brilliant colours and utter moodiness and we’re hooked.It was that beautiful, rich moodiness that drew us to today’s wedding. A day so very full of culture for Bec and Nick, honouring their Greek Cypriot backgrounds, […]

If there was ever a designer that creates unique wedding gowns inspired by beautiful art from times gone by, it’s Daalarna Couture. The Hungarian designer launching the brand new “Folk” bridal own collection for 2020 inspired beautifully by gowns of the traditional Hungarian folk-art era.Designer Anita Bene took the elements of folk clothing, pieces that […]

Happy Monday Dotties!I an;y quite believe how close we are to the end of our 2019 working year here are Polka Dot Bride! It’s been such a big year and I am excited to celebrate properly later this week with the patterned ladies!If you are in the throes of planning for a wedding for 2020 […]