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Choosing an engagement ring when you’re partial to a particular colour is easy. But what do you do when your jewellery box is a melting pot of metals and the thought of committing to one colour for the rest of your life is enough pressure to produce a diamond?Refer to SH Jewellery’s engagement ring metal […]

Source: SH JewelleryFor the average person, buying an engagement ring or wedding band is like taking the car to a mechanic; you know nothing about camshafts, spindles, push rods and pistons, so when the mechanic says he needs $3,000 to get the job done, you’ve little choice but to trust in his knowledge.Fortunately, finding a […]

The 8-Step Checklist for Buying Engagement Rings OnlineDrop off dry cleaning, pick up dog food, workout, wash car, call mum, book dinner, reschedule dentist and buy an engagement ring. Nope, that’s not the checklist. That’s just today’s list… to squeeze in around eight hours of work and Game of Thrones.Yep, life’s hectic. But what if […]