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The 8-Step Checklist for Buying Engagement Rings OnlineDrop off dry cleaning, pick up dog food, workout, wash car, call mum, book dinner, reschedule dentist and buy an engagement ring. Nope, that’s not the checklist. That’s just today’s list… to squeeze in around eight hours of work and Game of Thrones.Yep, life’s hectic. But what if […]

Image by Drobot Dean / Design by Sh Jewellery It’s easy to get swept up in the romance of buying an engagement ring – the bright lights, velvet displays and shiny diamonds dancing to a loop of Debussy wedding classics. The immaculately manicured and sweetly perfumed sales assistant obviously knows what she’s talking about, right?Assuming she does, […]

Choosing an engagement ring can be a difficult decision, particularly for women who don’t wear a lot of jewellery. With so many styles, variations and vendors to choose from, deciding on a ring she’ll love not only when the proposal comes, but in 50 years time can be tricky. This light-hearted guide by independent jeweller […]