Articles by Jane Collins

Jane and MarkI never really wanted to get married until he walked into the room. Then instantly I knew he was the one. He scared me at first, he was big, rugged and had a presence. He walked away. Then suddenly he was back and talking to my friend, which was actually his old mate […]

These delicate little Christmas pudding balls are great as a treat with your cup of tea or coffee. Combined with chocolate chips and luscious soaked fruit (which has all been done for you!) and then rolled in toasted and desiccated coconut, they are just the icing on the cake ! Try and stop at just […]

As a young apprentice chef I was taught that the food was always the carrier for the “sauce”. I truly believe that to be correct. If you get the sauce right then the dish is usually spectacular! I still make many sauces, dressings, pesto and gravies from my little black book of recipes from those […]