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Teagan and JayWe spent our honeymoon (which took place about two months after the wedding) travelling across the USA for three weeks, experiencing snow for the first time ever, the infamous ‘polar vortex’, deep dish pizzas, very interesting people, and finishing up with some Hawaiian sun before coming back home. A whirlwind of planes and […]

Teagan and JayWell, it has been just over five months now since the big day. I wish I could do it all over again!In Melbourne, October is unpredictable. Thirty degrees and windy one day, fifteen and drizzle the next. However, we were lucky enough to land a perfect day for an outdoor spring wedding – […]

Jay and TeaganOn the 12th of October I married by best friend and it was the most amazing day ever – but that story will have to wait since I don’t have the photos back yet!After our wedding we weren’t in a position to take a huge amount of time off work for our honeymoon, […]