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On a FABULOUSLY sunny day, at 11AM on Wednesday 24th July, GP and I headed out to New Regent St in central Christchurch to meet up with our photographers of the fabulous photography group StudioSomething. Prior to that we each had respective appointments to get all ‘done up’. GP had a professional hair trim and shave from the […]

This is a very bubble-centric post. You see, WAY back when, GP and I went to check out our ceremony venue. We were looking at what we could do to the area, what we could use, etc., and were promptly told that we cannot use confetti. I didn’t have any problem with that, because I […]

 Hello everyone 🙂I have vowed to be a more regular writer. It’s good to just sit, write and escape everything you don’t want to be doing at the current moment (i.e. assignments, blah!). So, what can I tell you guys that I haven’t already?Well, in July, GP is turning the big 3-0, so we’ll be […]