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Image by Steph Wallis. Via Shelley & Balan's classic Melbourne wedding with a twist

Image by Steph Wallis. Via Shelley & Balan’s classic Melbourne wedding with a twistThey say you can’t go wrong with the classics, and when it comes to a groom’s wedding day look, that’s right on the money.Are you struggling to decide on a colour scheme for your outfit? Or perhaps you just don’t know where […]

Image by Daniella Melfi. Via Jacquie and Nick’s classic luminare weddingAre you and your bride superstitious?We’ve all heard about getting lucky on your wedding day, but when it comes to tradition, for some people, it’s no laughing matter.According to 888Poker (yes, an online betting firm conducted research into this!), more than 25% of people believe […]

Image by Freedom Garvey-Warr via Felicity & Jake’s Elegant Wedding At Wills Domain WineryPicking out your wedding suit can be fraught with danger.In fact, picking out any suit can be a bit of a minefield especially if you don’t speak fluent fashion.Do you really want to look back on your wedding photos in 30 years […]