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Lake Louise. Image by Mr Houndstooth

Lake Louise. Image by Mr HoundstoothOh Canada, you have my heart. If you’re looking for unique yet beautiful honeymoon destination, you can’t go past the Great White North. This country features the place which has put me the closest I’ve ever come to describing something out loud as ‘magical’. You know, beyond a Disney movie. […]

Woods & Bloom flowers. Image via Anita Elliston Photography

Woods & Bloom flowers. Image by Anita Elliston PhotographyFlowers are one of those checklist items on the wedding list that grooms leave to the brides, right? Wrong. It’s 2019 gang! You should be taking an interest in all aspects of your wedding! Ok, to be fair, I didn’t exactly lead the charge on the flowers […]

Image by Lukas KloeppelStart spreading the news, I’m dishing out honeymoon travel tips today! Opening up a blank canvas for your honeymoon destination is truly one of life’s feel-good moments, but there is some truth in the phrase: ‘spoiled for choice’.I’ve taken it upon myself to shed some light on some amazing cities around the […]