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Image: Luma PhotoWhen selecting your wedding flowers, you will likely consider the colour, form, and fragrance of a bloom. Where they were grown might not be the first query that comes to mind. Here are some reasons why you should take into consideration whether your wedding flowers have been locally grown or imported for overseas.Local […]

Sometimes you can have your heart set on a particular flower only to learn it is not in season, or perhaps it is not available in quite the right shade to work with the wedding colour palette. Maybe your dream flower should be in season during your wedding but you find out weeks out from the […]

Image by Brent LukeyA botanical boutonniere will always add the finishing touches to the groom’s attire, with a well thought out design not only tying together the bridal party but also complementing the overall wedding style.Here are a few things to consider when choosing the blooms for the grooms.1. Creating everlasting memories The scent of […]