I have a thing for fairy lights. In fact to me, it’s hardly a celebration without something that lights up. This tutorial may be the simplest of all but for an outdoor evening reception or if you’re looking for a little fun decor for when the sun goes down, it might just work for you!

What you’ll need:

When I told you it was easy, I meant it- this tutorial simply involves wrapping your lights around the shape of the letter and securing with wire!

Dead easy, dead simple but SO pretty once the candles need to be lit and the dance floor action starts!

Photography by Polka Dot Bride

Ms Gingham says: Ever heard the saying… something about the simple things and how they’re often the best? Love it!

One of the most popular questions I get asked is “What font is on your logo?” Luckily the amazing Polka Dot Director Of Bright Ideas knew my love already existed for Feel Script and incorporated it into my branding.

Feel Script is one of those lovely cursive that’s not too stuffy, a little whimsical, a little fun while not straying too far from classic curves. Feel Script comes with over 1200 glyphs and the swishes? Well, they can be incredibly curvy or more subtle (like in our logo).

Feel Script looks as fantastic in colour as it does in black and white- so there are endless options to use it for your wedding stationery.


Feel Script is available for purchase through Veer.

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