Liam and Megan

Stepping into this vintage venue in Brisbane, Vieille Branche, feels like you’ve been transported into a French antique-inspired old world. Vieille Branche proved to be the perfect match for Liam, who is an old soul, and his wonderful bride Megan. Enjoying music is an important part of this couple’s relationship, so they ensured the dance floor was buzzing all night and even gifted their guests with a CD complete with all of the best tunes from the wedding. The special moments and unique details of this beautiful day were captured by Peppermint Photography

Megan looks back on how she met the love of her life… We met on Tinder, thankfully we both swiped right, after talking for a few weeks we met in person. Our first date was the The Elephant Hotel in the Fortitude Valley. Liam went away on a trip overseas before we were “official”. We spoke every day and I think it was then that we realised that we had something pretty special. I don’t think there was a moment, so to speak, it was a feeling from the very beginning.

Our inspiration behind the wedding was eclectic vintage. Liam is an old soul and his love of things older and antique has rubbed off. We wanted a place that we didn’t need to do much to. Fairy lights here and there. We wanted a cosy vibe that everyone could mingle and dance and just have a great time.


We actually were given the lead on the venue by our photographer Amanda from Peppermint Photography. We had already asked her to be our photographer and because she knew what it was that we were looking for she gave us a few names of places that she thought we might like. We settled on Vieille Branche.

The dress! It was from this amazing lady Yvonne who has a dress shop from her house. I made an appointment and off we went. I took my sister and my bridesmaid along for help. I think I tried on maybe six dresses in total. When I put my dress on I knew straight away that it was for me possibly because I burst into tears when looking in the mirror. I also think the fact that no one else had tried the dress on before me was a great omen. I found the process amazing Yvonne was honestly what every bride needs when they go looking for dresses. I sing her praises to everyone who asks. She was calming, honest and gave you time to just be in the dress before pushing you into something else. She understands budgets and wants. And also gives you a wild card that you would never think of.

The groom looked dashing in his Politix suit and fresh floral boutonnière.

The moment that we walked into Vieille Branche we fell in love with it!! It’s cosy, it’s warm and oh so pretty and so perfectly us. I think it’s hard to find a venue that is the perfect mix of the bride and groom but this was us to a tee.

The song that we walked down the aisle to was ‘What A Difference a Day Makes’ by Dinah Washington. Back down the aisle after the business was done was ‘Young at Heart’ by Jimmy Durante. Our first dance song was ‘Unforgettable’ by Nat King Cole.

Here’s a peek at some of the catering highlights of the night made by Wine and Dine M Catering

Take a look at this three-tiered cake adorned with fresh blooms made by The Sweetest Dreams.

We did make our own wedding gifts. Liam I think had been waiting his whole life to create his wedding playlist. So of course we would naturally give out something to do with music. So we (he with no help) created a playlist, sourced cd covers. Created a sticker for the front and back of the cd and sat there for night on end to create that perfect something from us that our guests could take way and remember our special day.

When we asked Megan to share her favourite part of the day with us, she replied “Can we say the whole day? But I guess if we had to pick a few possibly being on the dance floor halfway through the night and looking down and everyone was on it, that is definitely a great moment knowing that everyone is having such a great time.”

The only tradition that we participated in during the day was actually the night before- we didn’t stay in the same place, I stayed at our house and Liam stayed in a hotel. We aren’t traditional in to many senses when it comes to things like throwing the bouquet and removing of the garter and we wouldn’t change that if we were to do it over.

Megan and Liam share some pearls of wisdom for all the engaged couples reading this.

We would say make sure you keep true to what it is that you want. You will have people telling you what they think you should do. Take a deep breathe, maybe have a wine and/or beer and stick to your guns. The day is about you and your partner, you want to keep it true to you. We would also recommend taking a few minutes after the ceremony to just have you time with your new bride/groom. We were given this advice by friends it definitely was the best advice.

Ms Zigzag says: Thank you Liam and Megan and the lovely folks at Peppermint Photography for sharing this gorgeous day with us. We wish Liam and Megan nothing but the best! 

Photographer: Peppermint Photography / Bride's Dress: Maggie Sottero / Catering: Wine and Dine'm / Ceremony Officiant: Paul Voge / Groom's Attire: Politix / Makeup Artist: Megan Williamson / Venue: Vieille Branche / Wedding Cake: The Sweetest Dreams / Wedding Ring: Sheils

Kelsie and Ryan

Captured beautifully by Sophie Baker, Kelsie and Ryan have so many family and friends far away, that they decided that eloping was how they wanted to celebrate. With vows under the dappled light of a beautiful tree, I don’t think the end result of their simply sweet elopement could have been more beautiful.

Kelsie could not be a more relaxed, keeping-it-real bride and we’re so happy she shared this advice for engaged couples, “Communicate and never lose focus of why you are doing this…it is a union of two souls. Try your best not to stress too much even if situations do arise (hairdresser being 2hrs late) Laugh them off and just enjoy every moment.”

Photographer: Sophie Baker

Maggie & Jonesy

Have you met Mr and Mrs Jones? Maggie and Jonesy’s DIY Phillip Island farm wedding was a weekend-long celebration that can never be recreated, nor will it ever be forgotten, because it was so uniquely their own. With no plan B if the weather went sour, Maggie and Jonesy took a chance on building an outdoor wedding completely from scratch held on “rugged, naked canvas” farmland (with no farmhouse or facilities to speak of). The celebration included a bush chapel, a second-hand marquee and a dance floor under the stars. Their families and plenty of guests chipped in to help bring their barefoot wedding to life and the special moments of the day were captured by their good friend, photographer Trevor King

Maggie delves into all the DIY details of the day for us…

Chris (also known as Jonesy) and I met backpacking 13 years ago. We first met one day when we literally bumped into each other at a hostel in San Diego. We hung out for a few days, said our goodbyes then a week later, by chance, we bumped into each other again at a market in Santa Monica. The rest is history.

Our wedding was held on our late friend Henry’s farm in Phillip Island, a 90-minute drive southeast of Melbourne. It was a barefoot weekend-long party, a celebration of all the things we love in life: each other, family, friends, food, music, champagne and barefoot dancing on a beachside farm. We didn’t have a theme; it was just a collaboration of both of our families coming together to help us create a weekend of absolute fun festivities. We wanted to try and use everything recycled or second hand. Both Chris and I didn’t want shiny new things that would go into landfill after our wedding. We started the process by collecting and scouting for things months and months in advance. All our vases were old pickle jars and we spent months perfecting a home-brew cider that was served in the old jars. All we knew we wanted was a big white marquee, a tonne of fairy lights and a giant dance floor under the stars.

I wanted a beautiful floaty dress that I would be able to have fun in, eat lots of cake and most importantly could dance the night away in. I have a few Rachel Gilbert gowns in my wardrobe and they are such a beautiful cut. Whenever I wore one of her gowns I felt fantastic, so that’s where I started my hunt, and it was the first and only dress I tried on.

Chris had been given his grandfather’s wedding suit years ago and it was his all-time favourite – it would be at least 60 yrs old. His grandfather wore this very suit at his own wedding in 1950. It is a vintage Pierre Cardin suit in houndstooth grey, it’s a classic style that fit Jonesy like a glove. For the wedding, we had the pants tailored to a slim Swedish style fit.

We arrived at the wedding in my dad’s two old vintage Mercedes-Benz cars.

Henry was a friend of ours who owned a glorious 100 acres of farmland overlooking Phillip Island. It was a rugged, naked canvas that we could build our dream wedding celebration on. The paddocks still had livestock roaming on the day. We wanted our friends and family to be able to spend the whole weekend at the farm. Both of our families arrived two days early to start to build the wedding. We built everything from scratch, including the bar, dance floor, lights, and we set up camping areas. Our best friends have an old pop-up caravan that they decorated as our “honeymoon suite” that we camped in in the lead up to and on the wedding night.

We built our bush chapel on the hilltop of the farm. We used hay bales for the guests’ seats and covered them with old fabric I got from the op-shop. Our ceremony was by far my favourite part of the whole day. Jonesy’s dad was his best man, I had my brother and two sisters as my bridal posse, and our beautiful celebrant married us standing in bare feet, just like the two of us.

We had our best friend read our favourite passage from ‘On the Road’ by Jack Kerouac and we asked Chris’ grandmother if she wanted to get up and give us some words of wisdom. I walked down the aisle to ‘By My Side’ by INXS. This is our song.

My mum gave Jonesy her antique aquamarine engagement ring to give to me.

Vikki Clark, our celebrant, is not only a long time friend of mine but a renowned Melbourne artist. Vikki stood barefoot with us and made it such a beautiful special ceremony and was so happy to take out any parts that we didn’t feel comfortable with.

One of the many highlights of the day was getting hitched then riding our bicycles around the farm without a care in the world. It was amazing to soak in the surroundings, just the two of us, straight after the ceremony.

Our friend is a DJ so we spent an entire road trip from Melbourne to Byron Bay choosing our playlist. It was 500 of our all-time favourite songs. We danced late into the night to ‘Me and Mrs Jones’ by Billy Paul. Our first dance was off the cuff, non-rehearsed and loads of fun. We still giggle when we have to slow dance.

We made absolutely everything for the wedding. We bought a second-hand marquee from a young couple with no instructions on how to erect it, so that was quite an expedition! We made all our decorations, brought all our own party lights and made giant flower arrangements. We bought all the old trestle tables from an old book factory and borrowed wine barrels from a friend.

Satsuki Japanese in Malvern made all our starters, including sushi and gyoza. The neighbouring farmer provided a beautiful spit roast with fresh salads. We asked my “aunties” if they would like to make us special desserts for sweets, so about eight of them all made their specialities, from chocolate mousse, lamingtons, lemon tart and tiramisu. The table was a warm feasting plate of deliciousness, followed by gorgeous cheese and coffee platters afterwards. Our cake was a surprise given to us by my mum’s best friends, it was a beautiful sunflower cake.

I bought all the flowers from the wholesale market in South Melbourne and made our own arrangements.

Trevor King is an old friend of mine that normally doesn’t shoot weddings. We were very lucky that he was in Australia at the time and agreed to shoot for us. He travels the world shooting fashion and lifestyle. He is an amazing photographer an all-round absolute legend.

Our friends gave us some feedback before the wedding – sounds crazy but make sure you grab each other and spend as much time as you can together throughout the day. Our friends had told us the day they got married the wedding had finished and they had barely seen each other all day. We took this advice, and held hands and didn’t let go. THE BEST advice given.

Photographer: Trevor King / Bride's Dress: Rachel Gilbert / Bridesmaid Dresses: Thurley / Bridesmaid Shoes: Zomp / Hairstylist: Masci Hair and Spa / Makeup Artist: Brooke Low / Ceremony Officiant: Vikki Clarke Celebrant