Our celebrant, Wendy Spalding was one of the best choices I made through our planning process. She was so friendly, bubbly and listened to everything we wanted for our ceremony. She went above and beyond to really make the day about our journey as a couple and not just about the marriage. Both of our families love the movie “Love Actually” so we included quotes from it in our vows, as well as walking down the aisle to “the PM’s Love Theme” and then greeting our family and friends to “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys.

Our ceremony had a lot of family touches included as well. Joe built our benches for our guests to sit on with included the names and wedding dates of our parents and siblings, which became a great keepsake for them at the end of the wedding. Joe also built our arbour which was hexagons to represent his Dad’s love of beekeeping. Joe’s Dad also gave us his honey for thank you gifts as well as an old beehive that we used as a card and gift box. It was the most perfect day.

Images by Sherise Fleming via Laura and Joe’s Modern Australian Ballarat Wedding.

Hollie and Alex consciously planned an intimate vintage inspired wedding that was right for them. They made decisions that reflected their personalities and own desires for the day. Reflecting upon their special day, Hollie has some honest advice to share with couples planning their wedding.

“Please do not feel pressured to accommodate the wants, needs, or expectations of all – or any one person – on your guest list. Do what makes you happy. Of course, if that means accommodating everyone’s wishes and expectations then do it, just remember to schedule time for yourself and your partner to relax and not deal with wedding stuff at least once a fortnight. Too often we let our wedding planning consume our life. Couples fight, one person or both get sick, and they just generally forget that it’s planning just one day of the rest of their lives. Don’t forget that you’re in this together. You chose each other for a reason. Lean on each other when you need to, love each other, but also give space when it’s needed too.”

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Our venue Tanglewood Estate was amazing! Every last detail has been thought about so intently and it really shows. From the amazing vast grounds, the open spaces, the quiet little spaces, the gardens, the lake, the chapel! Everything about this property is beautiful. This was the first place Adam, & I visited and we just knew our wedding had to be here. It is a place we could very happily live.

The chapel is over 100 years old, brought down from rural Victoria to be rebuilt in such a careful manner. This chapel is very special to us. Standing up there with my soon to be husband with the sun shining down on us through the beautiful windows was breathtaking.


Ms Zigzag says: Congratulations on your marriage Krissy and Adam! For more on their stunning Tanglewood Estate Barn wedding, click here

Photographer: Perla Photography