If there was ever a designer that creates unique wedding gowns inspired by beautiful art from times gone by, it’s Daalarna Couture. The Hungarian designer launching the brand new “Folk” bridal own collection for 2020 inspired beautifully by gowns of the traditional Hungarian folk-art era.

Designer Anita Bene took the elements of folk clothing, pieces that were made to be worn throughout a women’s life and reimagined them into modern, beautiful designs. There are beautiful puff sleeves, high neck bodices. There’s midi length skirts and lace frills. There are techniques of layering and pulled fabrics, gowns adorned with floral and geometric adornments and traditional pearl details.

And ti sn;t all about the detail in these beautiful gowns, it’s also about the fabrics, Classic choices like lace, tulle and organza complementing more unusual fabrics, that stays authentic to the folk-art era of linens, cotton and cotton lace.

Honouring the memory of those gowns worn for a lifetime, and being a brand completely handmade in Budapest,  the collection also aimed to bring to light, a more sustainable, a more conscious approach for their brides to be, noting ” I love the way, in the past, they formed the dresses with logic and spirit by respecting the fabrics and creating minimal wastage. ” explains designer Antia “While they tailored the dresses, they never forgot about the fact that it had to last at least a lifetime and might need some adjustments as it was not rare that later on, the next generation inherited them. In a modern sense, these amazing dresses were real basics and are the eternal symbols of a more sustainable society.”

“Folk” also sees the launch fo the brand’s “Curvy” capsule collection, six beautiful gowns designed, based off past bride’s feedback, to enhance the female figure, while being completely comfortable at the very same time.

Daalarna Couture is available in Australia at The Bride Lab and Hope x Page.


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Whenever we talk to Jo of Jo Booth. Event Celebrant we are always bowled over by her sense of humour, her writing ability and her positive approach and it is these qualities that make her just the sort of person you need to conduct your wedding ceremony.

Her professionalism and her warm personality give her the ability to produce a genuine and heartfelt ceremony where everyone feels engaged and a part of the beginning of the wedding day. Making it easy for you when you are stressed is her thing, and did you know that she is also an experienced event MC? Two in one – making it even easier to enjoy your wedding day!

We asked Jo from Jo Booth. Event Celebrant five questions in five minutes:

What is the most important piece of advice you can give to engaged couples?

Enjoy the wedding planning ‘ride’. I know they will get tonnes of advice from people saying ‘be organised’ and ‘stick to your budget’ but my advice is don’t let the planning be so overwhelming that you get to the wedding day and don’t enjoy it. Let the professionals do their jobs, that’s why they exist, let us take the pressure so you two can really enjoy your day TOGETHER. Share the load, share the fun and remind yourselves that the wedding day is just the jumping-off point to the rest of your lives together.

Tell us about a hidden talent you have?

I have the ability to make wine disappear. Just like magic. One second it is there and the next it’s gone. I can’t wait to do a ceremony in a winery. I may never leave. I also enjoy beer and cider too though. I am nothing if not an equal opportunity boozehound.

As a vendor, what excites you about the wedding day?

You are getting people on one of their best days. Everyone is there to celebrate LOVE. I mean what a brilliant concept. In this world of so much noise and competition, two people found each other and decided to bind their lives together. I get to make that happen FOR REALS. I bloody love my job.

What are you known for?

Well, you’ve probably guessed it’s not my brevity. I mean why use 10 words when you can use 100! I love to laugh and I love to feel all the feelings. I think ugly crying is underrated. I think of ceremonies as the start to a great party, with some legal bits thrown in. I want to help couples kick off their married lives with a ceremony that will be the stuff of legends. I want them to start their lives together the way they mean to continue. Full of love, light and laughter.

If you could choose a song to play for the rest of your life what would it be?

Ooohhh lordy. Now that is a hard one. My music taste is really broad. I mean classical to hip hop and beyond. I’m flipping through my playlists now and I keep picking one and then go “No, wait….what abou…..t”. But one of my first loves was James Brown. The first time I heard Sex Machine (when I was about 12, I know weird for a pre-teen) I was blown away. I love funk and soul music and I love to dance …. So I would have to choose…, wait….. what about….ooohhh nooooooooo

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