Australia’s favourite TV daughter Sally (Kate Ritchie) on Home and Away prepares for her third wedding this week and she makes quite the blushing bride!

Bridesmaids played by characters Rachael, Leah & Cassie are dressed in Fleur Wood & Manning Cartel. They carried bouquets of white gardenias. Perfect for a beachside wedding.

Ric, the groom Brad and Dan dressed in finery

Sally and her girls. Sally chose a simple gown for her ‘third’ wedding.

The big question is (as always in TV Soap) will Sally walk down the aisle?

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Abbey has under two months to go until her big day and things are steam rolling along!

The invites have been sent so everything is starting to feel slightly surreal from all accounts.

The big dress is ordered and will be ready for pick up a few weeks before her big day- she’s still on the lookout for a lovely pair of green shoes though!

Spring has bloomed- not only in our gardens but also in the fashion stakes so the hunt for the perfect bridesmaids gown is on. Abbey is adamant she doesn’t want a typical bridesmaid’s gown and would prefer something off the rack.

Centerpieces have started to be designed- Abbey’s venue has beautiful old tables which covered with hessian and arrangements of herbs will be beautifully rustic.

Buckets filled with ice and bottles of San Pellegrino will add a celebratory and cool touch to the ceremony.

The seating chart is still on the ‘to do’ list, but Abbey’s wedding is almost here and the exciting parts are setting themselves in motion!

PS. You might have spotted Abbey’s Wedding Inspiration board over at the Style Me Pretty blog contest- it’s worth checking out the others for some wonderful inspiration!