This is not quite wedding related – in fact the wedding of Trista and Ryan of The Bachelorette is worthy of a whole separate post!

It’s been announced Trista and Ryan are expecting their first baby!

Trista and Ryan Expecting First Child
By Cynthia Wang

Trista and Ryan Sutter of The Bachelorette are expecting their first child, the couple tell PEOPLE exclusively.”We are so happy after two years of trying,” Trista says.

Ryan, 32, a Colorado fireman, got the news from Trista, 34, a purse designer, when he flew into Denver International Airport on Dec. 18 after participating in a mountain expedition in Argentina.

“He was completely windburned and his lips were dry,” Trista recalls. “We had a three-hour drive back to our home from the airport and I couldn’t wait to tell him, so I pulled him aside to a quiet part of the baggage claim area and told him there.”

Adds Ryan, “I am happy to be able to finally be a dad.”

The couple won’t know the gender of their child until the summer; Trista is currently 14 weeks along.

“I’ve had horrendous morning sickness,” she admits, “but everyone says that is a sign of a healthy pregnancy.”

America’s favorite reality show couple met while taping The Bachelorette in 2002. They married in a televised 2003 special on ABC.

Source: People Magazine

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Ada Nicodemou (star of soapie Home and Away) wed Chrys Xipolitas on Saturday in a traditional Greek ceremony with 400 guests.

Ada is always one to look elegant at any event – her 2006 Logie Awards gown by Melbourne designer J’Aton (also rumoured to have made her $60,000 wedding dress) was gorgeous and very Hollywood movie star. Pictures have been sold to a major woman’s magazine and I’m excited to see them!

Photo by gm photographics

Crustacean Orgasm Date

About two years ago I fell in love with a guy called Mannix (well it turns out his name isn’t really Mannix …) It’s been my little secret, but somehow I don’t think my boy objects (well when swallowing down that chocolate cake otherwise known as ‘Roxie’ – there were no objections!).

It turns out Mannix is an Aussie living in the US and is making quite a name for himself with his culinary skills.

Mannix runs one of my favourite websites The Love Bite full of droolworthy photography, amazing recipes and delectable date ideas, this site is the hub for all things delicious.

The clueless can start out with the date guid e- actually anyone wanting to (in his words) learn the art of seduction should head here first! To begin, he sets the scene – we chose the crustacean orgasm today, if his words aren’t enough to draw you in “candles, roses, champagne… a mirrored table top”  the beautiful photography will be!

Next we head to the menu to see just what’s on offer – oysters, prawns, lobster tails and dipping sauce…the recipes are all included…Lobster tails sounds quite fine right about now!

Then it’s onto ‘Mood’, Mannix covers all bases so even the most bland and boring person can turn into the ultimate catch! Sight, sound touch, taste and smell are covered. Mannix even links to a play list you can download to play on the night. Step by step instructions are included (for this date he suggests things like votives, flowers floating in clear glass bowls and twinkling candlelight)

Next is the Shopping List- print it off, take it to the supermarket and you’ll be set- tips on picking the best seafood are included!

Everything is set for your night of romance !(or perhaps the meet the parents dinner is more appropriate? or the breakfast in bed, which includes gingerbread toast)

Perhaps you’ve passed the seduction phase and just want to make some really good food, Mannix has you covered here too – from sexy sides to sweet stuff Mannix’s recipes cover you…the names are divine and the recipes are easy but delicious!

Roxie The Chocolate Harlot

Roxie the Chocolate Harlot went down a treat at my boy’s last birthday, and Jocasta, the fig and date tart is a certain family members favourite.

Coco The Burlesque Wonder Cake
has been applauded by Nigella fans (just check out her forum!) and is said to outdo any other chocolate cake.

Every recipe is straight forward- but every recipe has a special wow factor. I’m hooked and desperate for The Love Bite to turn into a book so I don’t have to lug my laptop into the kitchen every night!

Sign up for The Love Bite’s newsletter here and if you have any luck in the art of seduction using The Love Bite- let me know!