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It’s a new phenomena that perhaps hasn’t taken off in Australia as much as the US and other countries (which can only be attributed to the fact a July Australian bride may have to wear her thermals under her wedding gown, as opposed to the US bride who is in the height of balmy days!) But in a days time, the 7th of July 2007 falls and has been proclaimed the most popular wedding date! Vendors are offering special packages aptly named ‘Lucky Number 7’ including special deals for 777 brides.

The date has been proclaimed lucky in many religions, in Christianity seven is the lucky number, in Judaism it is a significant number in the Torah, in Islam, Hinduism and Eternalism it also features prominently. It’s also significant in many other ways including scientific experiments, music, movies and more.

Bookings started over three years ago with brides desperate to secure the lucky date. The date conveniently falls on a Saturday- the most popular day of the week for weddings, making it even more in demand! With over three times the number of average couples marrying on Saturdays in July there’s sure to be a lot of sickly sweet couples lounging around on romantic islands in the following weeks celebrating their nuptials.

The many couples will be in good company- Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria and fiance Tony Parker have chosen the date to head to wedded bliss.

Still if you miss it this time – wait another 100 years and it’ll happen again…or settle for the 8/08/2008 which is lucky in Chinese culture.

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Anyone who knows me I’m a self confessed photographer groupie, so I’m always excited when one of my favourite associations- The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) presents its awards for the year.

Photographers enter photos into 10 categories

  • Getting Ready
  • Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Kids
  • Details
  • Action
  • Emotion
  • Creative Portraits
  • Reception Ambiance
  • Toasting

The shots you’ll see while checking out the WPJA awards are truly breathtaking- from the bride crying over her brother’s photo (Charlotte Geary, Emotion) to a flowergirl not wanting to let go of a loved one (Reena Rose Sibayan, Kids). While you’re pouring over the shots, head over to the directory to find Australian Photographers who are members and will help you out if you love the candid style WPJA members are famous for!


Mariana Hardwick has launched her gorgeous new collection aptly named ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’.

While I’m a fan of international couture I love the creativity of our own Aussie designers and Mariana Hardwick is a well renowned name in the industry.

Gisele Francois, Gardenia Le Fa Fontaine, Madame Aurora, Hattie De Belle

Her new collection embodies the fantasy and creativity of a mystical garden and brings colours like charcoal into bridal wear. With a touch of French glamour the new collection would suit a spring wedding perfectly!

Check out the Mariana Hardwick website to find stockists