A friend recently sent me a link. Earlier this month WeddingBee talked about the new bridal game brides (and non brides!) were slowly becoming addicted to. With all the comments I just had to check it out!

As the new wedding assistant you are introduced to the bride’s wedding album, where she invites you to help her on her journey.

You are then sent on a treasure hunt through the usual bridal haunts- the beauty salon, chocolate shop, florist and so on. You have to look hard for that piece of ginger! (the list gets wackier!) and you must find all the items before the shop shuts!

Every now an then (as in every wedding planning journey) an emergency occurs – your dad spills coffee over your wedding dress (in shock at the price!) and so you must find all the items on the list again, except the shop has been turned upside down. If you succeed you’ll get a reward.

A memory game and choose-your-own-story game both round out the multitude of hours this game will waste when you need some time out!

Dream Day Wedding is available for a 60 minute free trial from NineMSN Games and the full version is available for purchase for $29.95

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Apart from the candid moments, I love the little detail shots by photographers. These capture the details you’ve thought so hard about – I’m particularly fond of shoes shots, being a shoe lover myself, I adore the different styles a photographer uses for shoes!

Some of my favourite shoe shots:

James Day of James Day Photography captured these uniquely coloured shoes hanging off a bathroom sink

Vincent Lai of Vincent Lai Photography captures the tiniest detail on this bride’s shoe.

Vanessa Hall of Wildberry Photography has a different take on the traditional shoe shot.

Cato and Pade Photography show the best way to display a bride’s bare feet are in her special shoes!

Brett Odgers of Brett Odgers Photography makes the gemstones shine on these stunning shoes.

Benedict Morgan of Benedict Morgan Photography reminds us not to forget the little people with this adorable shot.

The monotonous tones and flowers make this shot by the team at Hands on Photography a perfect picture.

Alex Pasquali of Alex Pasquali Photography creates a work of art from what may otherwise be a plain bridal shoe.

Nerida McMurray of Nerida McMurray Photography does the traditional ‘bridal detail’ shot beautifully.

Finally, Tim Hughes of Tim Hughes Photography creates a stunning photo using the contrast of stone with a pair of simple but stunning shoes.

What are your favourite shoe shots?

Very Cherry Blossom Double Sided Invitation

Printed invitations have in the past been ‘oh so last decade!’ but Suzi of Alannah Rose Stationery has taken the bridal world by storm (and the media loves her!) with her gorgeously designed and printed invitations and her stunning website!

Vintage Dream Double Sided Invitation

Suzi started Alannah Rose Stationery after baby daughter Alannah’s birth announcements were a hit with all her friends. Her 10 years experience in advertising, marketing and graphic design has given her a solid foundation to provide professional service for any bride.

On entering the website, you feel as if you might be entering a beautiful boutique- the white chair is there and the list for you to drool over potential invites. Suzi has covered every style of wedding- from the funky and fun to the floral and dreamy. Being a fan of all things old and beautiful- I particularly love her ‘Vintage’ range.

Deco Lace Double Side Invitation

Alannah Rose is purely online- which means you can order everything, from name tags, to order of service booklet covers to RSVP cards to match your invites at the click of a button. If you can’t decide- simply order a sample pack! Alannah Rose can design invitations to any whim and desire you have (that is, if you don’t like anything they offer!)

Another occasion? Don’t worry-engagements, holidays, babies and kids are all covered by Alannah Rose too with cute contact cards, birth announcements, invitations and more!

Alannah Rose Stationery

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PO Box 505,
Chadstone Centre VIC 3148
Ph: 0417 572 528