There is no doubt that 2020 has been difficult for the Australian wedding industry. Before there was even COVID-19, there were the bushfires, which devastated so much of our beautiful country. Today, like a phoenix rising, and dreams of “healing, new beginnings, growth and love!” from an incredible dream team, we’re going to celebrate the rebirth of one of the beautiful, yet affected regions – the NSW South Coast.

Dreamt up by photographer Lea & Lens (who worked on capturing this one alongside GCC Visuals, scroll on for the film) at a venue which was completely decimated by the bush fires and completely reborn (The Barn On The Ridge) this team of South Coast wedding artisans wanted to showcase the beauty of how this country area is bouncing back. And this one? It has plenty of country Australia charm.

“The style of our shoot was to tell an intimate love story, filled with romance, laughter and all the moments that make a relationship beautiful” explains photographer Leanne. “We wanted an intimate and relaxed style, being comfortable on your day and remembering what matters most.”

Our much in love model couple,(the groom dressed by Saunders Mensland and the bride wearing Pearl Button Bridal, her makeup styled by Alyce Apps Makeup and her hair by Absolute Hair by Tia) weaving their way from a beautifully set reception set in the 100-year-old barn.

Style Studio Event Hire styling a look of black linens (from Eljay Goods) paired with rich, earthy tones. Ulladulla Florist and Moruya Florist creating stunning floral arrangements, that featured both inside and out of rich peach and white roses, classically sitting alongside earthy dried foliage and grasses.  Amber Made Studio creating implementing menus and paper pieces that gave a nod to the beauty of the Aussie bush.

The feast, an integral part of this one, thanks to The Squatters Daughter creating a beautiful grazing board. Kombi Keg South Coast on drinks.

Outside, Ebony Millard conducted a ceremony under a modern, yet just a little rustic (and of course, flower-adorned) arch.  The newlyweds wandering through the countryside (and meeting the onsite horses, who wander in for a drink every day at 5 pm) as that beautiful Australian sun drifted below the horizon.

Leanne shares “Our inspiration was using all South Coast Businesses to show we can all grow, adapt and embrace the new beginnings on the south coast. New beginnings in life too, choosing that one person you love and want to spend your life with.”

2021 is going to be the year of new beginnings, and these guys? They’re showing us how it’s done!



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Kimberley & Thiago

“It was really intimate, after an amazing date night. We saw the fireworks at Darling Harbour and had dinner at Braza (Brazilian restaurant) we got home, talked about life and after she went to take her shower I was waiting outside of the bathroom on my knees holding the ring that I had gotten custom made in Brazil.”

Today’s wedding deserves to start with Thiago’s romantic proposal because to me, it shows how he and his beloved Kimberley, have built their life together on love.

Because their wedding? It may not have gone to plan, but that foundation? It carried them through. Through shattered plans (thanks again COVID-19) that meant that they had to abandon their original wedding plans, that they had to abandon having both of their families present, their big, celebratory reception, their bigger guest list. Instead, it was just them, it was a handful of their favourites, a registry office, a cheeky McDonalds stop, and a celebration at home. And while the couple plan to celebrate in a much bigger way in Brazil with the groom’s family when they can, the wedding story we’re sharing today captured beautifully by Anny Andrade shows just what is the most important thing of all.

It was a night out in Sydney at a club that led these two together. “Thiago and I met one Sunday night at Rocklilly, a club at the Star Casino in Darling Harbour” remembers Kimberley. “We had gone after one of his gigs with some of his boys, I was there with two of my girls from work. after constant eye contact and smiles, I was actually the first to ask him for a dance.”

One of Kimberley’s favourite moments of the day? The time the couple spent getting ready- the bride to be even styling Thiago’s hair herself- with a blindfold on the groom! “We loved making the most out of our day, despite Covid we did not let it dampen our Love, our great life decision, our dream to be married to our spirit and soul partner.

I did mine and Thiago’s hair and we had fun doing it, Thiago was blindfolded and it just made it all the more intimate and perfect and the photos Juanny took of that were amazing.”


“My clothes were amazing! They were custom made by Brent Wilson” notes groom Thiago of his dapper suit. All the details were really carefully chosen by me and everything that I needed or imagined they fitted and created it. The Brent Wilson store was amazing.”

Kimberley worked with Idora Bridal to make her dream gown, She tells  “I am a curvy girl so I chose a fitted semi mermaid style dress to show my lovely lady lumps that Thiago fell in love with. My experience was fantastic it was only the second store I had tried dresses on. I immediately fell in love with it, my mum cried, my sister cried, my mother in law who lives in Brazil, we face-timed her and she loved it and we cried – at that moment I stopped my search because that was the one!”

Thiago’s favourite moment of the day? The first look at home! He recalls “THE FIRST LOOK, when I was outside of the house waiting for her I was facing the other way and I couldn’t see her, my best man was playing our favourite song “Sweet Darlin” by Fiji, and I could feel she getting closer and closer after a few seconds she touched my shoulder and I turn to look to her!”

Kimberley and Thiago wed at the Parramatta Births Deaths and Marriages.

“We had chosen Parramatta Births Deaths and Marriages for our ceremony as the outdoor area was very us overlooking Parramatta river
However, we ended up having it inside with just the celebrant Thiago and I and my Mum and Thiago’s best man.”

Always time for a few hot chips agrees Kimberley. “After the ceremony signing our papers and starting our new life we were starving as we had not eaten anything so as a celebration we stopped at Macca’s drive-thru and we ordered our favourite food Quarter pounder and McChicken meal.”

Kimberley has this advice to you if you are yet to tie the knot. “DO IT, GET MARRIED!… There needs to be communication about everything, even the hard things. Be happy and do not forget to look after yourself inside and out. When you practice self-care you feel better about yourself when you are happy you bring happiness out.”

These two were thrilled with their choice of a photographer. “Juanny Is outstanding!” raves the bride. “She was the first and only photographer we met with and we instantly loved her she is a Brazilian woman who is super professional and still super down to earth. She calmed me, she helped me, she made me feel special, she made us feel comfortable and she was understanding and supportive during the stress of whether or not we would/could have our wedding or even take photos.”

Earthly Joys styled the bride’s beautiful dahlia and rose bouquet. “The flowers I chose were rustic and dried flowers mixed with deep reds, oranges, dusty pinks and browns with no greenery, perfect autumn warm colours.”

The newlyweds joined their small, chosen guest list for a reception at home, where they recited their vows again to one another, the bride explaining “Due to Covid19 we were not able to have even our small party in our chosen venue which was The Ox in Darlinghurst so we had our reception at home with under 10 people just my parents and our bridal party.”

The vibes of the day? Kimberley describes them as “Intimate, filled with love and emotion. Even If our wedding had gone to plan we were only inviting 45 people. We wanted only people who really cared about us, made time to know us as a couple who loved us and wanted the best for us. We are big on positive energies and vibes.”

The newlyweds did manage to squeeze in their version of a celebratory first dance. “Our First dance had a twist. We chose snippets from six of our favourite songs all different rhythms and genres that represented us.
We started with a slow dance bachata (Promise by Romeo Santos and Usher), then reggaeton (Rebota by Guaynaa), then Samba (Faveladona by diney), then Brazilian Funk (Garupa 2 by Mcs Nando) and (Invocada by Ludmilla e Leo Santana) and a Brazilian Axé song (Danca Da Maozinha by Tchakabum) which gets everyone up and dancing.”

A big congratulations to you both Kimberley and Thiago! Thank you for sharing your story with us and thank you to Anny Andrade for today’s beautiful images!


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Australian made, Australian designed, if you haven’t hopped on the Lola Varma bandwagon yet, then consider this your cordial invitation.

Led by photographer turned designer Courtney Illfield, Lola Varma is a brand, that in the designer’s own words is “edgy, unbound by convention”. Exit taffeta, enter sustainability-minded deadstock material that drapes like liquid and moves, well, effortlessly.

The new collection “Est. Violet” stays true to the Lola vision. The gowns are modern, minimal and completely unexpected and 2021 heralds a collection inspired by romance! It’s another beautiful collection in Courtney’s wheelhouse, designs again built from her love of runway fashion, of medieval styling, of the brides to be she meets through her days. This collection? It is for you.

There are full-length gowns, each easy to wear, each understated, minimal.  And plenty of interchangeable separates (my favourite, the “Violet”  is made of silk georgette with textured neckline and sleeve detail). And if you do want a little extra sparkle, a little luxe, then the range of Lola accessories- from corsetry to sashes and veils are designed to play nicely with each piece. Hands down the winner here are “Aleeta” veil with her sweet polka dot tulle.

In an age when weddings may just become a little more simple when things are paired back, it seems Lola Varma may be just on the money for a post COVID world.

The Lola Varma is available to purchase via the website, or instore at the Lola Varma Melbourne & Perth boutiques.


This post features the following wedding vendors. If you've been featured below, we'd love to get to know you. Click here to join Polka Dot Bride.