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Photo one by Tealily Photography via Helen & Jason’s Romantic Summer Sydney Wedding, Photo two & three by Nattnee Photography via Diana & Matt’s Warehouse Wedding at Three Blue Ducks

Robyn of Robyn Pattison Marriage Celebrant & Wedding MC is known as the ‘wedding pixie’. And closer to a pixie you’ll never get – she magics her way through a ceremony with words of wisdom to the bridal party, welcoming guests in many languages, being a support to parents and wedding parties alike – all done with a wonderful sense of fun and at the same time professionalism. And then get on your dancing shoes (her favourites are sparkly ones) because Robyn as your MC will have the place and all your guests rocking even those that ‘won’t ever dance’. Follow her lead from ceremony to reception and you can’t go wrong – and as she’s someone who “will never be too old for a tulle skirt – or sparkly shoes. EVER” – that’s a pixie if ever I knew one!!

We asked Robyn from Robyn Pattison Marriage Celebrant & Wedding MC five questions in five minutes:

What is the most important piece of advice you can give to engaged couples?

Let go. Nothing that truly matters can go wrong, so long as you are here, together, on this big day.
PS also try to be on time! It changes your whole day – for the worse – when everything runs late.

Tell us about a hidden talent you have?
My hidden superpower? Getting oldies up and dancing. The more you tell me they won’t, the more joy it brings me to tap you on the shoulder and show you how much fun they are having.

As a vendor, what excites you about the wedding day?
Everything. It never gets old.
But I do get a little extra delight in the sight of emotional dads and grandparents, during the ceremony. That warms my heart every time.

What are you known for?
My party trick? Being able to welcome guests to my ceremonies, in many, many languages – often two or more, one after the other – before I speak a word of English. I will never get any of them perfect – I don’t have all the accents – but giving it a crack, and a cute curtsy at the end puts a huge smile on their faces, and nothing I do is better than that.

If you could choose a song to play for the rest of your life what would it be?
Oooh. That’s not fair. Please make it trashy – and from the 80s. Let me dance to it and sing along. Loud. That will do.

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Polka Dot Dream Team...

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Emily & Peter

We love when engagement photos show off the best of a city’s sights, and when Hannah Photography spent the day with today’s lovebirds Emily and Peter, a stroll around Perth’s favourite and most picturesque spots was in order. The beautiful West Australian sunsets, colourful painted walls, parks and urban streets all setting the scene to capture this momentous occasion.

After meeting at Emily’s sister’s birthday party, and a few false starts, the pair finally decided they were meant to be, Peter, popping the question beside a bonfire. Emily fills us in. “Peter told me we were going down to Scenic Rim to try out some new camera gear for the weekend. He had originally planned to propose by the water at sunset but after dinner, there was a bonfire set up under the stars and it was the perfect moment. So he put the camera on a timer, told me to pose by the bonfire, ran over and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes and almost set myself on fire jumping up and down in excitement.”

It’s Peter’s love of a challenge that drives Emily’s love for him. “I love that Peter will dive head-first into any challenge without reserve and encourage me to better myself always. He is spontaneous, hilarious and sometimes a little too much fun but always has the best intentions.”

On what he loves about his future wife, Peter shares “I love that Emily has a big heart and is always kind and considerate to everyone. She also makes excellent dumplings and irons all my clothes, which is a plus.”

Polka Dot Dream Team...

The below wedding vendors made this magic happen and are an approved part of the Polka Dot Directory. Visit their portfolios to learn more and enquire about their services!