Bree & Terry

When a couple adds a golden wedding dress, food trucks and dancing under the sky by the sea to their wedding day list, you know it’s going to be a celebration that is all about the fun and that is exactly the feeling Bree & Terry wanted for their big day. Choosing photographers Market Lane Media to capture their day, we’re so thrilled to share Bree and Terry’s story.

Bree, with Terry’s help, tells the story of how they came to be; “we met on a blind date. Ok fine, it was Tinder. We met on Tinder. It ended up being quite romantic actually, finishing with us talking until 2am on a park bench under a tree full of fairy lights. We also found out on this date that we had both been married before and got married to our first partners on the EXACT SAME DATE! Yup, same date of the same year. WHAT?!”

Bree had her golden gown made by Terry’s aunt, telling “I decided very early on that I didn’t want a really traditional dress. I ordered a couple of things online and they were pretty awful, so Terry suggested we talk to his Aunt who is a professional seamstress. She ended up making my dress and it was just perfect.”

Bree and Terry chose a different kind of processional, explaining “I walked down the aisle to “This Old Love” by Lior. We both had loved this song for a long time and the lyrics are so beautiful that it was a no-brainer for us! Our aisle was two flights of stairs. I walked down the stairs while Terry and the kids walked up to meet me in the middle so we could walk the rest of the way together.”

The ceremony took place at The Centenary Steps Port Elliot. The bride explaining “my family has been holidaying every year at Port Elliot for 20+ years, so I know and love it so much. It was always my dream to get married there. We nearly didn’t have it there, but Terry convinced me we could do it, and we managed to pull it off (with a lot of hard work!) The Centenary Steps leading down to Rocky Bay provided the most stunning backdrop for the ceremony.”

A friend dear to the couple, Andrew Foster, officiated the ceremony. Bree noting “we wanted our ceremony to be relaxed and personal and as short as possible! We had a friend marry us. Terry and I wrote our own vows. I cried a lot! We chose Romans 12:9-13 and Hebrews 10:24-25 which my sisters read out for us.

We had a group of friend serenade us at the end of the ceremony with an a cappella version of “All You Need Is Love” (think Love Actually!) We played Ben Harper’s “Happy Ever After” while we signed the register and walked back up the aisle to “Hoppipolla” by Sigur Ros.”

The couple decorated the ceremony space themselves, Bree telling “We made 40 metres of gum leaf garland that created the aisle on the Centenary Stairs for me to walk down. It was a very lengthy exercise!”

“We really wanted Terry’s kids to feel included, so we bought them their special little outfits, had them stand with us while we got married, and included them in our vows.”

Daisy Chain by Lyndal helped the bride with her bouquet, Bree remarking “my best friend Lyndal is a casual florist, so she (very patiently) helped me to choose the flowers in my bouquet. I love natives and knew I wanted some of them in the bouquet, and I knew that Terry loves magnolias, so I was keen to get some of those beautiful leaves in there as well. Lyndal’s arrangement was stunning.”

Of their photographers, Bree and Terry note “the photographer just happened to be a friend as well. We have talented friends! We were really excited to have Market Lane Media photograph our wedding and knew that they would work magic, plus we got to hang out and it was super fun. After seeing the photos of the wedding we believe that they are actually photography wizards!”

Guests congregated at an outdoor reception at Port Elliot RSL. “We wanted a super relaxed reception. The number one thing I wanted styling-wise was to be able to have it outside under lots of lights. We also wanted to be able to have food trucks (paella and coffee) come, and the Port Elliot RSL provided the perfect space for that to happen.”

Guests enjoyed a feast of coffee and paella thanks to The Black Addition and Adelaide Paella. “The Black Addition coffee service was stunning. They were so reasonably priced and were genuinely lovely people who interacted well with our guests. Their coffee was also 100%!”

One of the bride’s favourite memories was a complete surprise, executed with Click Films. She explains “some of our friends made a video parody of how we met and played it at the reception. Along with being hilarious, it was super heartfelt – they included photos of friends and family, some of whom couldn’t make it to the wedding and had sent a personal messages – I actually sobbed!”

Congratulations on your marriage Bree & Terry! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Market Lane Media for sharing today’s celebration with us!


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Lauren and Jason

Jase proposed while on our month-long overseas trip; it was Valentine’s Day and we were trying to decide on something special to do. I decided to look up Mexico’s best beaches and found a beach called Playa Norte on a little island called Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. We caught the ferry over and toured the island, had lunch and did some shopping.

We both bought some jewellery as a little memento of the day. Jase sneakily took and hid the little jewellery bag.  Later that evening I had planned a beautiful romantic dinner at Thai Lounge in a wooden bungalow on the bay. After we had finished dinner, Jase pretended to go to the bathroom and worded up the Mexican waiter to jump out of the garden with a bottle of champagne after he had popped the question. Jase got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I said yes of course! He pulled out the jewellery bag from earlier that day and put the ring on my finger. We celebrated with champagne and dessert!

Image  by Lauren Dickinson

I am a stay at home Mum five days a week (or should I say 24/7!) and on the other two days I work in Product Development for a company called Hunter Leisure, a toy and stationery company in Tullamarine, Melbourne. We have just had our first beautiful baby boy, Jett, nine months ago. Jase is an electrician six days a week and a stay at home Dad one day a week. Together we juggle looking after Jett and our working life.

Jase and I have been together for almost five years. We met officially at his sister’s wedding in Bali. I was one of the very charismatic bridesmaids and Jase was the lonely bachelor. Sparks flew at Potato Head and at a Fatboy Slim concert, we exchanged kisses and cocktails. Here’s a funny story – prior to us getting together we both worked for his family in their business for seven years but never met.

Image by Lauren Dickinson

I always wanted a boho relaxed vibe for my wedding. I love earthy colours and textures. My bridesmaids wore different outfits and jewellery which were all made out of the same materials. I love raw materials, wood, metal and natural stone so I wanted to incorporate these with my theming.

Image by Lauren Dickinson

I found my dress designer in a bridal magazine at an airport. I knew I wanted a boho type looking dress and Rue de Sein do just that. I had to make my decision quickly as I was already 12 weeks pregnant and needed to decide on a dress. I tried on about ten dresses at various shops. I made about three trips in total until I found my dress. I loved the experience.

It helped to know what type of dress already complemented my body type. Some dresses that look great on models don’t always look good on yourself. I love my dress, I thought it looked really different; it was something special that I had not seen on a bride before. The dress I chose was called the ‘Florence’ gown. It had an embroidered halter neck with intricate vine detailing on the lace. It had a front seam split, back keyhole and full train. I had a long cathedral length veil and half a flower crown at the back.  I found my dress in a bridal boutique on High Street in Armadale called The Bridal Atelier.

The first wedding fair I attended was the Vintage Wedding Fair at Docklands and I found my photographer Corey Sleap; he was my first vendor. I fell in love with the photo album that he had there and his personality. He was very chatty and likeable and I thought that Jase would really like him too and would feel comfortable with him.

Corey suggested Stu from Love Soldier to take our video – I loved his work so I booked him too. The rest of my vendors I found travelling to Mansfield and visiting the Mansfield Wedding Fair.  Everything is word of mouth there. The owner of Play Shack, our venue,  recommended Megan Knapp from The Kitchen Door – I visited her and she recommended Kim from Mansfield Party Hire. Kim then suggested a florist – Lisa from Edith and May…it goes on. I love that about a country town.

Our ceremony was held in Play Shack’s gardens in Merrijig. We invited about 70 guests which consisted of 13 children. We had all of our nieces and nephews in our bridal party to open the ceremony. We were married in the back garden with beautiful leafy trees surrounding us. They created a beautiful back drop which shaded our guests from the sun.  Our vows were simple with a few laughs thrown in.

We used a special ring box from Sketch and Etch in our ceremony ritual called ‘warming of the rings.’  We passed the box around to each of our guests and they would make a wish for both of us and pass it onto the next person. I love the fact that I now have a beautiful box at home with all of our marriage wishes inside from our closest family and friends.

The reception was at the same location as the ceremony, literally a stone’s throw away. I had the tables styled by Alpine Events Co with assistance from Lisa at Edith and May; they were set up next to the beautiful flowing Delatite River. It was all outdoors with festoon lighting framing our feasting and dancing area. We went with a sharing menu to strum up conversation between guests and so everyone could sample everything on the menu.

The styling was super simple. I had rustic wooden tables scattered with amethyst and rose quartz stones with faux deer antlers and a few brown bottles with matching foliage to tie in the pinks and purples. I wanted the decorations to be minimal and for the surroundings to be the feature. The gardens and river were spectacular at different times in the afternoon. The sun moved across the lawn and peered through the trees in the most romantic way – the photos really capture this.

I started looking around online at Melbourne venues and wanted to find something really different; I didn’t find anything I liked. It was either beach, winery or a garden somewhere which were not our style. So I thought about a country wedding, somewhere Jase and I both liked and that connected with us. We decided to get married in the high country, somewhere near Mansfield.

Jase went snow skiing every winter with his family to Mt Buller when he was growing up and my family owns a holiday house in Gough’s Bay where we went for holidays as well. The high country just made sense. We looked at Play Shack first as the pictures of it online looked beautiful; stunning house and gorgeous gardens. We then looked at another five venues in Howqua and Mansfield. We decided in the end to choose Play Shack as the house could accommodate our large bridal party and The Sebel Pinnacle Valley Resort was across the road for the rest of the guests to stay at. It was perfect!

For the bridesmaids’ outfits I started with a pair of gladiator sandals that I found on Pinterest and fell in love with them; they were a pink animal leather and looked amazing. I thought that these would look awesome on me and the bridesmaids. Jase is a shorty and I didn’t want to be taller than him in our wedding photos, so flats were a go.

From these pink sandals the theming grew. I had them made in Bali – I sourced and sent over the pink leather that I bought in Brunswick. The flowergirls’ headpieces were DIY as I thought that they would be a nice keepsake for the girls so they could play with them again. My mother in law also made a macramé hanging hoop that were married in front of and another macramé piece that hung in front of our bar. They looked awesome!

I have two other favourite details from the day:

My custom-made wooden table signs from Arlo and Co.  I had six of these printed on bamboo planks.  The table names were locations which were significant to Jase and me. We had:

Bali – where we had our first kiss

Mexico – where we got engaged

Elwood – our first house

Brighton – where we brought Jett home

Gough’s Bay – lots of memories shared

Merrijig – where we exchanged our vows

My other favourite detail was my bridesmaids’ jewellery. I wanted all of them to wear a piece of jewellery that went with their outfit. I bought a cool belt online that I loved from Gypsy Loving Light, and when it arrived I saw that the belt was from a company called Minc Collections. I contacted the owner and she agreed to make me some more custom pieces for the rest of the bridesmaids.

I created the storyboards for each maid’s outfit with the type of clothing, hair style, shoes and jewellery selection to suit their body type. I emailed them to the owner at Minc and she made my pieces. I also wanted to incorporate a rose quartz stone on each jewellery piece. She sourced the stones for me and added them to the jewellery so they all matched.

My only words of wisdom for couples planning their big day is to take your time. Have a really long engagement. If you book vendors early you will get exactly what you want. It’s painful waiting so long but in the end you will have thought of everything and it’s all perfect. Pinterest can be your best friend. Look at as many images as you can and create boards of things that you like; they make it easier to source items you are after.

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Congratulations Lauren and Jase; such an intimate celebration in a beautiful part of the world; your theme suited the mountains perfectly!


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Caitlin & Tim

This enchanting urban wedding is  a stunning example of doing everything your own way! Gorgeous gowns and delicious dessert tables are only overshadowed by details filled with love! Jazzy Connors was on hand to capture every moment.

Caitlin tells of meeting Tim, saying, ”We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party over 10 years ago. Tim had come into my work on several occasions before and I always thought he was very cute.”

Choosing to do things their own way, Caitlin and Tim decided to have their photos before the ceremony. The bride shares, ”It was the best decision we made about the day for several reasons. One was that we didn’t want to leave our guests for a huge amount of time. The other was to calm our nerves so that by the time we got to the ceremony we could be present and enjoy every minute.”

On hand to capture the first look was photographer Jazzy Connors, with Caitlin sharing, ”She was an absolute blast! We had actually met at my workplace months prior and it felt like it was meant to be. She understood exactly what we were after and she delivered beautiful photos.”

It took a while to find the perfect dress, with the bride telling, ”Choosing the dress was a bit difficult for me. I visited quite a few of the bridal shops but I just felt like nothing suited me at all. Then one day I was shopping online and I came across the dress on Revolve. It needed some slight alterations but I took the risk and was so happy I had decided to go with something that really represented the sort of bride I wanted to be.” Caitlin’s bridesmaid, her cousin Courtney, wore Alice McCall.

Wanting something slightly different for Tim to wear, the couple chose TopMan. Caitlin remembers, ”Since I’ve known Tim I think I’ve seen him in a traditional suit once! We wanted something a bit more casual, so he wore all black with a grey jacket, and his bow tie matched the colour I had chosen for the flowers.” Both the groom and groomsman wore Converse shoes.

Deciding to use someone local for her wedding flowers, Caitlin chose Sophie Claire Flowers. She tells, ”We had one meeting over coffee and I showed her a couple of pictures I had found that I liked. Then I left it completely up to her to use whatever she thought would be good. So to be honest I have no idea what flowers I had, all I know is that they were beautiful!”

The wedding ceremony began with a special tradition, with Caitlin remembering, ”Before our ceremony we had a Welcome To Country. It was voiced by Aunty Diane Kerr, an elder from the Wurundjeri tribe who are the traditional owners of the land we married on. She welcomed us and the guests to the land and encouraged the union of our two families.”

Not including any readings, the bride tells of the ceremony, ”It was short and sweet. We didn’t want it to be overly romantic or deep as that’s just not us. We just had very short vows and the ring exchange.” The bride walked down the aisle to “I’ll Be There” by Jake Shimabukuro.

Being a regular customer at the Brunswick Foodstore, Caitlin knew it would be the perfect place for their wedding. She tells, ”We decided to have both the ceremony and the reception in the one place just to make everything that little bit easier. The Brunswick Foodstore is an awesome cafe which I’ve been to numerous times for food and coffee. When I met the Events Manager she made me feel so at ease about everything, I knew this was the place to have our wedding.”

And while the food was a magnificent success, dessert was a huge hit too! The bride recalls, ”Melissa from Dessert Station did a spectacular job on our grazing dessert station. Not only did the food taste great but it looked like a piece of art.”

Remembering one favourite moment is difficult for any bride of her wedding day, however Caitlin shares, ”It’s hard to say what was my favourite, but the most surprising in the best possible way was Michael’s speech. It blew everyone away! He had everyone in stitches and then finished his speech with the most beautiful poem which left everyone in tears.”

The bride and groom had their first dance to ‘Sea of Love’ by Cat Power. Caitlin tells, ”Tim chose the song and it was perfect. We didn’t have any special moves, it was just the two of us taking it all in.” She also shares some excellent advice for brides to be, telling, ”I am terrible in high heels and I knew there was no way I would be able to last on the dance floor all night! I planned ahead and bought along my white sneakers. I changed into them straight after the speeches!”

A huge congratulations to our gorgeous bride and groom on their stunning wedding day, thank you for allowing us a glimpse of it all! And an extra special thank you to Jazzy Connors for your beautiful photographs.


This post features the following wedding vendors. If you've been featured below, we'd love to get to know you. Click here to join Polka Dot Bride.

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