Happy Monday Dotties! We are slowly emerging into the brand new year, which is rather easy when you get to talk about weddings all day!

Isn’t it a lovely time of the year? A time for barbeques, drinks under a shady tree, holidays and trips to the beach.  Our Polka Dot Directory has a wonderful variety of vendors just waiting to assist you to create your wedding day. We have Destination Wedding Venues, we have Accessories, we have Bridesmaid Gowns and Hair & Beauty– we even have Cinematographers and Jewellery!

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At SH Jewellery Australia’s best Google reviewed jewellery store, gorgeous sparkling jewellery is designed in house, and sent worldwide with clientele as far afield as Europe, Asia and Canada. Choosing your special piece is easy with a 30-day exchange & money back guarantee, with GIA-certified diamonds of higher quality that are as beautiful as you dreamt your wedding jewellery would be.

Choose from halo style rings, solitaires with bands that sparkle with diamonds, diamond set wedding rings to match, men’s wedding bands, dress rings and rings set with sapphires and rubies – you’re sure to find a ring that is exactly ‘you’. Every SH Jewellery ring comes with a complimentary cleaning kit, lifetime aftercare and complimentary jewellery inspection, and the best bit? They are passionate about their work and educating you to make the best choice that you can.

We asked Edric from SH Jewellery five questions in five minutes:

What is the most important piece of advice you can give to engaged couples?
Be flexible and continue to learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Marriage is a lifelong journey and it is both parties’ responsibilities to ensure the connection and love you have continues to grow.

Tell us about a hidden talent you have?
I studied and graduated in computer science and engineering at the University of Melbourne, so the skills developed in analysis and evaluation have contributed greatly in the precision of our specialty jewellery designs.

As a vendor, what excites you about the wedding day?
All the effort and anticipation that’s been built up for that final day. The fact that two special people become the centre of attention to share their love story with their nearest and dearest, and have so many heart-warming moments packed into a single day… It makes all the planning, decisions, fittings and appointments worth it.

What are you known for?
When I engage with clients, I put my heart into it to ensure they feel comfortable the whole way through – and I believe they can feel this.

If you could choose a song to play for the rest of your life what would it be?
Give me a 90s playlist and I’ll keep it looping… Just don’t ask me to dance 🙂

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Jessy & Bradley

Imagine a stunning garden backdrop, native flowers, friends, family and a relaxed vibe and that’s exactly the wedding of Jessy and Bradley! They laughed, shared and enjoyed the day as Casey Gray captured all of the special moments. Bride Jessy shares their incredible day with us in the top end and tells of their love story!

The first night Bradley & I met was with friends. We had all gone down to Lee Point Beach, where we drank with friends as we laid on the sand. We hit conversation off with ease and to top it off, both witnessed the biggest shooting star fall over the ocean. We both remember it so vividly.

Bradley’s attire was a hard one. We knew what we wanted, but every time we found a jacket that we liked, they had run out of 1 or the 4 sizes we needed. So, when we went to Melbourne to see Mumford and Sons in January, we stopped in at Blazer and they had every size we needed – slim & regular fit too!

My Maid of Honour was my Pen Pal of 12 years! Her name is also Jessy and from America. Plus both my sisters, Holly & Beau. The boys were Bradley’s work (defence) mates, Best Man, Zacc (Wazza), then there was Bradley (Millsy) and Ryan (Simmo).

I knew I never want to spend thousands of dollars on a dress, so I decided to look on Still White website (second hand dresses) and found ‘Frankie’ from Made with Love Bridal. It was located in Byron Bay, so I organised my mum to drive down on the weekend and check it out for me (as we are in Darwin). She FaceTimed me and said it was perfect and probably won’t require any alterations, maybe just the height she said.

So she bought it for me, posted it up and I tried it on. It fit like a glove, not one thing needed adjusting. How crazy is that… I think I tried it on at least 5 times throughout the year before the big day.

Our wedding was held at George Brown Botanical Gardens, on Holtze Lawn and in the Secret Garden, Darwin NT on Friday June 28th 2019. I was told by Bel from Creative Two, our wedding was best described as ‘rustic boho’. We are such laid back people, we couldn’t have pictured it any other way.

The song I walked down the aisle to was a surprise for Bradley. We both LOVE Mumford and Sons and our song is ‘Lover of the Light’. I knew it would be a tear jerker – and it was! We didn’t even practise the timing, it just worked out perfectly.


The ceremony was done by one of my best friends, Christi Hamon. She organised the whole thing. We are not traditionalist, so it was very light hearted and made it more personal that she had known us both for many years.

We always pictured an outdoor wedding, amongst beautiful landscapes – and the Botanical Gardens was a perfect fit.

I always knew I wanted Native Flowers and I also knew the best girl in Darwin to do that was Maria from Beija Flor – she did an incredible job!

Our favourite photographs are the ones in between the posed photos. When we are naturally laughing. Our photographer & videographer were also mates of ours – they both did such an amazing job!

We did a few things DIY. I did all the signage for our wedding, as I’m a freehand typographer and my mother in law went above and beyond and made all the vases, confetti cones and our thank you clay coasters – she spent months doing all this. I think she was glad the day was finally over.

We loved Betty Vintage Bar Van – the service they provided on the night was outstanding. We would highly recommend them. Also Bel from Creative Two was so amazing, setting up and rearranging furniture where needed, she put a lot of effort in making our day so beautiful.

A really special thing we included was a cardboard cut-out of our late doggo ‘Jess Dog’ who we had to put down earlier this year from Lymphoma cancer. She was Bradley’s best mate. It was so special to have a her there (even if it was only cardboard form).

Our favourite detail was the cocktail theme of the whole event and the festoon lighting really complemented the area!

Advice for future couples? Elope!

Ms Zebra Says: Congratulations to this gorgeous couple! Love the relaxed vibes and happiness that shines through on your day. We wish you both all the best in your happy marriage together!


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Happy Monday Dotties and a big happy New Year! We are back at our desks this week and slowly kicking off all that we have planned for 2020. We can’t wait to have you along for the ride!

A New Year has just dawned – a year of possibilities laid out before us. What fun to think of what lies ahead! Planning your wedding? Our Polka Dot Directory is packed full of talented vendors who are eager to help you with your wedding. We have Celebrants, we have Bridal Gowns, we have Bridesmaid Gowns and Wedding Planners – we even have Entertainment and Menswear!

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There is something so natural and fresh about Sarah’s wedding photography. Heading up Photography by Sarah J and hailing from country Victoria, Sarah travels to Tasmania, NT, and SA as well as Asia, NZ, and Europe capturing the particular essence that makes each wedding day unique.

The way the sunlight falls on the floor, cobwebs, gestures that are seemingly unimportant but yet, oh so important, helping hands  – all tell the story of the day and as Sarah says, she “secretly gather(s) all of these moments in the right way and present(s) them to you so you can relive your day again and again!” That’s what we love about photography – it’s all there – preserved for the future!

We asked Sarah from Photography by Sarah J five questions in five minutes:

What is the most important piece of advice you can give to engaged couples?

Do it your way! It’s a great time to be alive as far as weddings go. I see lots of couples full of excitement about what they want to do for their weddings and how they plan on making it their own. Things are so different now, 10 years ago all the traditions were still big. Basically all of that has gone out the window and couples who are brave enough have started making their wedding suit them rather than the other way around.

Tell us about a hidden talent you have?

Scootering? I have a kick scooter I like to take for a spin when I can, it’s great! I think for an adult on a scooter I do pretty well.

As a vendor, what excites you about the wedding day?

This kind of goes hand in hand with the first question, but when I get to a wedding, and as the day unfolds seeing how the couple have chosen to create their special day with their favourite people. Capturing that is the best! I feel like I’m being let in on something really special because I am!

What are you known for?

Outside of photo-taking? Probably for my dry sense of humour.

If you could choose a song to play for the rest of your life what would it be?

Heck! This is a tough one! Probably Nightsong by Emma Louise, I never get sick of listening to her Head vs Heart album.

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