Bec & Sam

Bec and Sam, who tied the knot in Clare Valley, South Australia, made a big deal of highlighting everything local – from their gorgeous venues, to the amazing food, wine and even bonbonniere. The couple has ties to the area, making it all the more special. They held their ceremony at St Aloysius’ Church, which Sam visited many times as a kid, and their reception at SLATE at Pikes Wines, where Bec’s dad is the general manager. The couple loved the idea of sharing the area with their family and friends. There to capture all the magical moments was What Pete Shot Photography and Little Darling Films. Snapping all the incredible details of the reception venue was Pilot Studio Co. Below, Bec retells her and Sam’s love story, how the proposal went down and how their wedding day unfolded.

Sam and I met the traditional way… at a mutual friend’s 21st! I had snuck away from a conference dinner with a friend, and went to the circus-themed party. Sam remembers me in a black dress with my hair pinned to one side, and I remember Sam in red pants and a rainbow shirt a decent costume I thought until he continued to wear the red pants on numerous other occasions!

Sam was quick to request my friendship on Facebook, and the relationship took off from there. After nine years it’s hard to remember life without each other!

The proposal happened on my 28th birthday. Sam took me back to the hall the 21st was held in, where a surprise lunch and a proposal was waiting! In hindsight, there had been a few suspicious moments leading up to that day, including Sam being VERY insistent on knowing the whereabouts of my dad on a particular random weekday. But on the day itself, it was only when we pulled up at the Mitcham Hall that I cottoned onto what was about to happen!

The hall was set up with enough spots for our immediate families, and once I had said yes, they were given the all-clear to surface from the local coffee shop and share lunch with us.

We married on October 19, 2019. Our ceremony was at St Aloysius’ Church and our reception was at SLATE Restaurant, Pikes Wines. Both venues are located in Clare Valley, South Australia.

Our wedding stationery was simple, but it came to life through a gorgeous colour palette, textured embossing and a personalised wax seal. We had been the recipients of many invites from Magnolia Press, and so many friends had raved about Sharon’s work. Her attention to detail is incredible. If I haven’t sold her enough, her efficiency on emails truly made her a bride’s dream!

I’ll never forget opening the door to our beautiful bridal bouquets by Hygge Studio. I couldn’t believe such amazing bunches had been created just for us! It may have weighed the same amount as a small child, but I just wanted to carry it with me everywhere!

For my wedding dress, I used Helen Manuell, a bridal designer from Melbourne. I’d been stalking her for a few years on social media. I took Mum to Melbourne, ‘just to see what she was like’, and as soon as we met, it felt like we were old friends!

My experience with Helen was one of the best things about planning a wedding! Being a Haighs chocolate nut, I’d stash my shoebox with chocolates from Adelaide each visit. We still text regularly, about cooking, baking and life in general. She is a wonderful human being.

My dress was a fitted lace bodice with an invisible low-v neck and open back, with a full silk organza skirt. I picked the lace over text message, and I looked at it every day leading up to the wedding. I just loved it! The dress was so comfortable and suited me so well. We paired it with an off the rack Steven Khalil veil, one that was decorated with Swarovski peals and crystals.

I also had a reception dress, as I was a little indecisive and knew the volume of my skirt wouldn’t work on a dance floor! I was lucky enough to find the last in my size in the country of a Maticevski dress I’d had my eye on. It was comfortable, elegant and party-perfect!

My bridesmaids were my sister, a childhood friend and a close friend and wife of one of Sam’s groomsmen. Picking dresses for the girls was one of the easiest parts of planning, although it came with a degree of difficulty. One girl was due to give birth two months before the wedding, and another lived rurally, so the first time they tried them on together was the night before the wedding!

I’d had my eye on a gorgeous deep green Acler dress. Naturally, there was only three left in stock and could only be purchased online. I took the risk, and they fit the girls perfectly!

The boys wore black Gibson tuxedoes, white shirts and black bow ties. Sam also wore a black cummerbund, and all four boys wore suspenders. The groomsmen and both dads were gifted RM Williams boots to wear on the day, to finish off the look.

Three of the four boys (including Sam) had been groomsmen in a wedding earlier in the year, so we ended up using the same suits and shirts!

I walked down the aisle to ‘Canon’ by Pachbel. Classic, wedding-y, and we knew we wouldn’t change our minds and hate it later!

At the ceremony we had two oversized urns with mixed greenery, orchids, hydrangeas and the most incredible pop of red roses.

We felt that a church ceremony suited us, although it isn’t always the done thing anymore! We kept the prayers light and chose ones that centred around love and relationships, and also wrote some of our own shorter readings. Our priest was witty and had a fantastic (and wicked!) sense of humour. It kept us on our toes during the ceremony, but also helped us to feel relaxed and enjoy it!

Our photographer was Pete from What Pete Shot Photography. I have known Pete for about 15 years. He was a schoolteacher in his past life! When picking vendors, we figured it was much easier to go with what we knew, and not fall into the hole of scrolling endlessly through social media to find someone. Pete fit that brief. We spoke to him three days after we got engaged and he was in! Pete has an eye for incredible photo locations and was such great fun to have around. It’s amazing now to look back at the little moments he captured that otherwise would have been forgotten in the blur of the day.

We were very lucky to be the first couple to be married at Pikes Wines new restaurant, SLATE. Being new, the venue had an amazing feel and didn’t require a lot of styling.

Hygge Studio had a gorgeous oyster cart that was part of their hire collection. It was a point of difference and we knew it would be perfect for pre-dinner canapes. Whilst the bridal party were having photos, nibbles and a viewing of the reception space, the guests were out on the Pikes’ lawns having drinks, canapes and freshly-shucked oyster. According to everyone they were a hit! Because of the timing of everything, we never ventured out to the lawns or saw the oyster cart! But from the rave reviews we received from guests, we’ll take their word that it was one of the best parts of the wedding!

The aim was to have a relaxed country vibe, with some classic touches. The colour palette was simple – olive green, navy and grey, and was highlighted with the subtle colour palette and occasional pop of the florals. There are so many other options than the traditional white tablecloths and crockery, and we were lucky to have access to Pikes‘ gorgeous navy and cream crockery and Hygge’s hire linens.

We decided early on that we would utilise a planner, and had been loving the work of Hygge Studio. The decision paid off, as their work in the months leading up to and on the day was priceless. They took the decision fatigue out of things. We didn’t want to be deciding between seven chair quotes!

We liked the fact they were a one-stop shop, as along with their planning services, they offer in-house floristry, carpentry, a hire inventory and on the day coordination. The run sheet for the wedding day itself was military-precise and took every little logistical detail into consideration. It meant everyone that had some involvement in the day could just enjoy it!

In the end, we gave Hygge creative control of the flowers to run wild, and we’re so glad we did. What they came up with blew us away! The bridal table had a stunning feature backdrop of greenery, neutral-tone wildflowers, with roses and orchids scattered throughout. Our potted table settings were gifted to guests on their way out at the end of the night.

Our tables were shared, meaning our guests could interact and share a meal with both old friends and someone new. We chose to have a relatively small guest list of 130, which reflected the wonderful circle of friends we’d created over the course of our relationship. We also didn’t feel compelled to invite people for numbers or to please others. Everyone in the room was there because they meant something to us. The list also was manageable enough to spend time with each group for a meaningful conversation or a dance!

Looking back on our day, it couldn’t have run any smoother. It was perfect and very us!

We wanted to highlight all the things we love most about the Clare Valley – the food, wine and beautiful locations. We were so lucky to have an on-site restaurant and keen chef. We didn’t have a menu tasting beforehand, but trusted that he’d create an amazing menu, and he did! Our suggestion of a ‘few things for a dessert table’ turned into a full grazing buffet! Where possible, we tried to use local produce too- our bonbonniere were little take-home bottles of locally sourced oilve oil.

For our first dance, we danced to an acoustic cover of ‘(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher’. We spent ages stewing over ideas, as we didn’t have a special ‘couple song’. It took going back through our Spotify playlists to find this gem. Our band (The Uptown Seeds) learned the song, with a transition into the upbeat party version for us to involve our bridal party in.

My advice for soon to be newlyweds? Enjoy the planning! It’s not often you get to plan a party that is all about you, so choose things that celebrate the uniqueness in your relationship and personalities.

It’s also easy to keep scrolling through social media once you’ve made big decisions. Delete any profiles or hashtags that might feed any indecisiveness you might be feeling!
If time permits, have a sneak peek at the reception space before the guests arrive. It was a gesture so small by our planner, but it was amazing to see all the plans and dreams we’d had over 18 months come to life.

Most importantly, take time to relax and enjoy the company of your loved one. It’s so easy to divide and conquer the room, but you’ll be forgiven for taking the time to dance together or to just sit back and take it all in!

Little Darling Films were our videographers. We LOVED them. Little did we know it was Anthony’s first time as the lead videographer. He absolutely nailed it! They were professional, fun to be around and were so subtle in obtaining their footage. The video itself sums us as a couple and the day up perfectly. No matter how many times we watch it, we still get chills… or in my case, tears!

Ms Floral Says: What a beautiful day that really highlights the beauty of Clare Valley! Congratulations Bec and Sam on your marriage, and a wedding that guests will no doubt be raving about for years to come.



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Erica & Hugh

The streets of Melbourne are always hard to beat when it comes to a wedding, and for Erica and Hugh, they made the most of the most of the back streets of Brunswick, by choosing urban winery Noisy Ritual as the venue for their big day. And this? This, as evidenced by the images caught by Kyra Boyer was a day filled with love. Filled with stories, a laid back vibe and so much bright and beautiful colour, it was, as the newlyweds say “Relaxed, fun,& simple” adding  “we weren’t committed to a particular style or theme, just wanted to bring our friends and family together”.

University-led these two together. “We met in our first year at the University of Melbourne in 2010. Hugh was doing a music degree and Erica was doing an arts degree and taking some music subjects on the side. We met when Hugh ‘interrupted’ a catch-up Erica was having with a mutual friend. It turns out we’d seen each other the year before at a different event and had other mutual friends and that we were doing a couple of subjects that were the same, so we started hanging out at lectures and going to Music Student Society BBQs. We also have MSN messenger to thank to help us get to know each other better!”

And the proposal? Much like their life together, it was a team effort! “Erica is a bit embarrassed about how this came about, but at the end of the day, we made the decision together. Despite Erica stealing Hugh’s thunder.
We were going our first proper international holiday together to New Zealand in late 2018 when a few months earlier, Erica asked Hugh if he had been thinking about getting married anytime soon (at that stage we’d been together nearly 8 years). Hugh said that he’d been planning to propose on the holiday later in the year. Erica was a bit unimpressed by that as it’s a bit predictable so she called him a ‘basic bitch’ (mean, we know). Fast forward to the night before the holiday and Erica asks Hugh if he’d gotten her an engagement ring (Erica is a brutally honest person as you can tell), but Hugh said that he hadn’t because his feelings had been hurt. So Erica was a bit sheepish and we talked about going to buy a ring together while we were in Auckland.
Two days later, we went ring shopping and picked something out together and then sat together in Albert Park in Auckland and decided we were engaged.”

Erica chose a simple gown by designer Grace Loves Lace. She shares “We had about a year between getting engaged and the wedding so time was a bit limited. I chose the Leon dress from Grace Loves Lace, which had a high neck and an open back. I’ve always liked the look of lace and wanted something comfortable, but also complementary to my figure.

The GLL showroom on the Gold Coast was the only place I went to try on wedding dresses. At the end of the day, you could try on a hundred dresses and still not make a decision! My best friend/Maid of Honour and I had a fun day trip to the Gold Coast and we tossed up between two styles I liked before settling on the Leon.”

Erica and Hugh chose urban winery Noisy Ritual for their wedding. “We wanted to streamline the day especially for the older family members and with about 85 guests, it was straightforward to do. We chose Noisy Ritual because it was flexible enough to have an area for the ceremony which could then be quickly converted into the dance floor and space for the band. Despite not having a sit-down meal, there was plenty of seating. The space is open and has a great atmosphere with lots of plants and wine barrels.”

Let’s talk blooms, the bright and beautiful floral details styled by Good Grace & Humour. Erica says “I thought it was cool that a lot more Australian natives are being used in wedding floristry and loved the idea of including that. Especially because Hugh is quite allergic to a lot of flowers I was conscious of avoiding your usual fragrant flowers, to begin with.

When I first started talking to Megs at Good Grace and Humour I gave her an idea of the colours I was after and all the other styles I had seen her do. I found out that a lot of the flowers I liked weren’t going to be in season in November, so I was happy for her to devise something along the lines of what I was interested in. What she came up with was above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. The colours and textures were amazing.”

“I wore a light grey suit from Montagio Custom Tailoring in Sydney” tells Hugh. “It was my first time having a suit tailor-made, and I was extremely happy with the look! I had a plain white shirt, green Zenetti tie, and dark brown Aquila dress shoes. My best man wore the same thing, except he wore a pink shirt.”

The bride arrived by Jaguar. “My dad is a really big fan of old British cars. So the main thing we wanted to do was drive a Jaguar from the 1960s. He’s always looking for an excuse to spruce it up, so it was lovely to see it driven to the wedding” she tells.

“I remember the moment Erica walked down the aisle looking stunning” shares Hugh. “I felt so lucky to be marrying this incredible woman. My 89-year-old great uncle, who hadn’t met Erica at that point, was sitting in the front row. He’s a cheeky bugger, and when he saw Erica for the first time he looked at me and said “Well done!”. The reception afterwards was a lot of fun, and I had a great time!” Erica walked down the aisle with both her mum and her dad to “These Arms of Mine” by Otis Reading. “It seemed a bit old fashioned to just have my dad when my mum has been such a big part of my life.”

Erica and Hugh were married by Jac the Hitcher in a ceremony they designed to be easy and relaxed. Erica explaining “We never wanted the ceremony to feel too stuffy or formal, mainly a large celebration of our relationship given we had been together for over nine years.

You have to do the mandatory legal bits and pieces, but we wanted someone to tell our story with a few funny bits along the way. That’s why we were drawn to Jac, who is a fantastic storyteller and was able to keep us at ease through the whole process. Erica’s mum read the passage on marriage from ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran, which helped balance the most ‘comedic’ side of things with articulating the commitment we have made to each other.”


Erica advised “Know that the stress is worth it and where possible enjoy the process of planning the wedding. Erica (especially) was so wrapped up in the stress that it became very difficult to be motivated and excited by it. But the moment you step into the venue and see all the people you love and the outcome of all your hard work it makes it so worth it and you’ll be overcome with joy. Also if you’re the main organiser in the couple, try hard to get out of your head and let other people help”.

Of their photographer, the bride says “Kyra! What a star. We were drawn to her because her photos have such life in them with all the vibrant colours, but they’re not too dark, which you see a lot these days. She’s really fun and gets the job done (that lady doesn’t mess around)”.

Guests celebrated the newlyweds with a tasty cocktail reception catered by Fat and Skinny Catering. “A shout out to Fat and Skinny Catering who were all smiles all day, such a pleasure to have them there.”


There was no formal first dance for these two, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen says Erica. “We hadn’t even planned a first dance… (we’re both awkward dancers) so everyone had started dancing and we were gradually edging towards the dance floor when “Signed Sealed Delivered” by Stevie Wonder came on. We both love the song and Hugh had played it with his band. We started dancing and everyone naturally formed a circle around us which was lovely.”

There was much merriment as the lights came on and the night went on, and even the groom got in on the music action, thanks to the band Soul City – Blue Avenue Entertainment laughs Erica. “Well because Hugh is a percussionist and drummer, once the band found that out, they couldn’t help but get him on the drums for a few songs! I think the band were surprised that it sounded good!”

A big congratulations to you both Erica and Hugh! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us. Thank you also to Kyra Boyer for sharing today’s beautiful story!

Polka Dot Dream Team...

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Britt & Moh

The Local issue is all about finding the gems where you live and making the most of them. Of embracing your community and involving it in every element of your day. And for Britt and Moh? This is exactly what they kept in mind as they planned their day. “We made sure that the majority of our vendors were local to the Yarra Valley, since the wedding had such spectacular views of the valley we wanted to contribute back to the area a little bit.”

And with their story to tell, and beautiful photos by Zoe Louise Photography we invite you to grab a cup of tea and settle in, because this story? It’s romantic, it’s heartwarming and it’s filled with plenty of community love.
Theirs was a story that began at university. “I was on the cheerleading team and he was on the basketball team, we often laugh about how overly stereotypical our meeting was!” explains the bride. She also filled us in on the memory of how Moh popped the big question!

“This probably needs a little back story – Moh and I love having date nights in the city, our first date involved a trip to the Eureka Skydeck, a walk down the Yarra river and finally a movie at Crown Village cinemas. Whenever we want a date night we will almost always find ourselves in the city! The night Moh proposed we’d decided to have dinner in the city since we were both craving a pizza from Gradi (they’re so good!).

After dinner we bought ourselves ice creams and walked along the Yarra, eventually finding a place private to sit. The city looked gorgeous that night, it was the 16th of December so most of the buildings were lit up for Christmas (which is one of my favourite holidays!). We were sitting, looking at how beautiful the city was and talking about all the experiences we’d had together. The next part is a little fuzzy, my brain blacked out the previous 15 seconds when I realised he was proposing, all I remember was thinking to myself earlier in the night “I’m sad that I won’t cry when he proposes because I know he’s going to do it soon” and then immediately bursting into tears when he did propose! It was honestly perfect – a beautiful summer night, a beautiful city lit up for my favourite holiday and a beautiful fiancé to top it all off!”

Britt found her gown at Ferrari Formal and had it altered by Dressmaking and Such so it was just what she wanted. She tells “Three things influenced my choice of dress – the first was my budget, we were trying to do our entire wedding for less than $10,000 so I had wanted to spend less than $1,000 on a dress. The second was our venue, I knew we were having an outdoor wedding so I was really looking for a tea-length dress so I didn’t end up having leaves caught in my dress! And the third was – I wanted it to have some type of sleeve.
Originally I had struggled to find anything in tea-length, I think I only saw maybe 3 dresses that were the length that I wanted. When I tried my dress on it ticked most of the right boxes – it was under $1,000, it was tea-length, it was a perfect fit and it was gorgeous! However, it didn’t have sleeves but I knew logically this had to be the right dress – but it just didn’t feel like THE dress.
I ended up buying it because I loved the way it looked when I twirled around in it, and the design made it very easy to add sleeves to. Despite all this, I still had a small amount of dress regret for months afterwards.
Until I took it to Kristen, who altered my dress. I had no idea what to expect when I left my dress with her, but 6 weeks later when I put my dress on with the newly attached sleeves I was holding back tears – I didn’t think that ‘yes’ moment existed, since I hadn’t had it in the store, but I realised that was because the dress I bought wasn’t the right dress, the altered one I was wearing was the right one!”

Spy that blue handkerchief on Britt’s bouquet? It holds very special meaning. “I did the traditional something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
Something old – my earrings, I wore them to my debutante ball 8 years earlier.
Something new – my shoes!
Something blue – I’m mentioning this one first because my something borrowed came out of this. My grandfather on my mother’s side passed when I was 18, he had been very sick for a very long time. When pop was alive he was known to always carry around handkerchiefs that my nan had embroidered with his initials, so at his funeral my grandmother handed around handkerchiefs for all of us to take to remember him by. I ended up with a blue handkerchief and eventually decided that whenever I got married, that would be my something blue so that pop could have some part in the wedding.

Something borrowed – I actually didn’t have anything borrowed until the day of my wedding, I couldn’t find anything that fit right that I could borrow. About 3 hours before the wedding started, when I was getting ready, my nan (my late grandfather’s wife) handed me her handkerchief, she thought it would be perfect since it was both borrowed AND blue. She had no idea I was using pop’s handkerchief as my something blue, and it was so perfect that I had the same item from both grandparents. I ended up having them tied around the stems of my bouquet.”

A  grazing table and donut wall were the icing on the cake for guests to dive into, the work of Just4Fun Party Hire Yarra Valley. Britt tells  “I definitely have to give Natalie from Just4Fun Party Hire Yarra Valley a massive shout out because she went to the ends of the earth for us and had a smile on her face the entire time.
We hired Natalie to do the grazing table we had at the wedding – she worked closely with us to ensure that she could meet our dietary requirements – it had been difficult to find a caterer willing to cater to our specific dietary requirement so this was an absolute godsend!
She spent hours setting up the most gorgeous grazing table I have ever seen, and even made little personalised cookies with mine and Moh’s name on them!
She added so many small details that I never would have thought about but made everything just that much more special, I am so grateful to have been able to work with her and would definitely do it again!”

Britt and Moh chose to marry at Britt’s family home, she explains “In the initial planning stages of the wedding we quickly realised that if we wanted to achieve our goal of having a wedding under $10,000 we probably wouldn’t be able to have it at a traditional wedding venue. This was when my parents, who live on a beautiful property in Lilydale that’s situated at the top of a hill, meaning it has the most gorgeous scenic view of almost the entire Yarra Valley, offered their house as a venue for the wedding. The whole time we had been looking at venues we had been trying to find a venue as stunning as my parent’s property, so we were delighted that we were able to have the wedding at the perfect venue!”

Of her walk down the aisle. Britt remembers “My dad walked me down the aisle to a version of “Concerning Hobbits” by Howard Shore that I had edited a little bit – it’s just such a gorgeous piece of music!”

Much of the wedding decor was handmade by Britt & Moh – including the arch they married under. “We DIY’d almost all of the wedding!” explains Britt. “The arch we were married under and the cake topper were made by my dad, my mum made lighting poles out of old paint buckets, tent poles and some flowers, the centrepieces on each table were made by Miranda and myself the night before the wedding, and my grandmother spent a good amount of time cutting burlap to make the table runners out of. Our lawn games (jenga etc) were made by my dad and my oldest brother. Even some of the hanging lights in bottles were hand made from old wine bottles by my mum.

I’m absolutely forgetting some things but my entire family put so much effort into making the day as beautiful and special as possible!”

“Our ceremony was actually a last minute addition! ” admits Britt. “Originally we were just going to get married officially behind the scenes and just have a massive party to celebrate! So I hate to say it but not a whole lot of thought went into the actual ceremony itself! I actually think it only lasted about 15 minutes!”

Those greenery bouquets are incredible don’t you agree? They were put together by Alison Vaughan-Endacott. Britt tells “I’ve always lived in areas with a lot of native Australian trees – in fact my favourite time of the year is when the acacia trees bloom – so I knew I wanted to have bouquets that only had native plants in them. I ended up seeing a few photos of bridal bouquets that were entirely made out of eucalyptus leaves and knew that’s exactly what I wanted my flowers to look like. This also ended up cutting most of the cost out of our flowers, since my florist (who is a close friend) picked all of the leaves from the trees on my parent’s property on the day of the wedding!”

Moh dressed in a classic black suit from Peter Jacksons noting “Less is more, and I’m a simple man. A simple black suit and tie goes a long way. Furthermore, the balance of black and white symbolise harmony and perfect equilibrium, a portrayal of two different beings becoming whole when brought together”.”

Britt and Moh opted for a small wedding party. “Originally we were going to choose three bridesmaids and three groomsmen, but it became clear to us that we each knew of one person who absolutely HAD to be in the wedding party, but then it was hard to decide which people would fill the remaining spots since we both have a lot of close friends. We decided on making our wedding party smaller to make the decision easier (and to hurt less peoples’ feelings!).
Moh had his best friend from highschool, Karim, as his best man and I had my best friend, Miranda, as my maid of honour.”

Britt and Moh were thrilled with their choice of photographer. “Zoe is the most amazing human/photographer! She was extremely professional, and very patient with my family during family photos despite my family being very difficult to work with, she also felt like another guest at our wedding! She made us all feel relaxed and comfortable when she was doing portraits and wedding party photos.
All of the photos she took are gorgeous and capture the atmosphere of the wedding perfectly – she even managed to capture some moments I had forgotten about until I looked back at the gallery!
10/10 would let her capture my wedding again. (Also she’s a dog lover which worked out perfectly since Sammy – the dog – needs constant attention and found a kindred spirit in Zoe!).”

Brides & grooms to be! Britt has very good advice for you! “A lot of people told me this before I got married – make sure you take time to eat!
What they didn’t tell me was that when you sit down to have food you might be too excited/anxious to eat! This happened to me at my wedding – I wish that I had told someone to set my plate of food aside so I could eat it later, because I ended up missing out on eating any food at my wedding!”

A big congratulations Britt and Moh! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us! Thank you to you both and thank you to Zoe Louise Photography for sharing today’s story!



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