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Hannah & Lewis 

Give me an engagement session where the couple is truly themselves, truly doing what they love, truly having fun and I am completely smitten.

For Hannah & lewis, their life together is by the beach. It’s surfing, it’s beachside picnics, it is cracking up at each other, it’s being silly. And that is exactly what Eric Wang Photography captured and I couldn’t be more delighted. Shares the bride to be “Both of us are pretty chilled and wanted our shoot to capture us as we are so we decided to hang out at the beach as we usually would and get photos of it.”

These two were due to marry on April 18th this year. With all the hullabaloo of COVID-19 affecting their wedding plans, they decided to skip the fuss and do it their way. “It was set but with the craziness of COVID we jumped the gun and were married on the 28th of March. We’ll redo our wedding and celebrate our marriage with everyone at our first anniversary on the in 2021!.”

And that chilled out vibe is exactly what you’re going to love about Hannah and Lewis’ tale. A tale that kicked off in Townsville, though it was certainly not love at first sight, explains Hannah. “We originally met in my hometown, Townsville. Lewis came up with a church group and my friends and I showed them around town. We both laugh now at how we found the other exceptionally irritating – apparently, I was ‘fake mature’ and he was just a bit of a jerk. I later moved down to Brisbane for uni and after a few years, we met again. I took more of a liking to him this time around but it took another couple of years to push my way into his circle. Eventually, I got there and now here we are.”

Hannah knew a proposal was on its way, but not quite when! She explains “As I knew the engagement was coming he planned 3 dates on 3 consecutive weekends so to keep me guessing. I was sure it was going to be date number 2 (Byron trip) but he kept me waiting until date 3. In the meantime, he had made a little scrapbook for me and every day in the week leading up the engagement gave me an envelope of photos and memories from our dating period – it was pretty sweet.
Date 3 was meant to be at Springbrook national park. Unfortunately, due to the bushfires, we had turned around and Lew was forced to improvise (not one of his favourite things to do). But he did well and we drove to Mt Tamborine where he proposed in the rainforest with a bottle of champagne ready to go. We then got burgers where my new shiny ring got covered in oil and cheese – a sign of a pretty good day.”

“I love how Lew’s mind works” shares Hannah of her future husband. “He is creative but in a calculated way (he’s an architect so I guess that makes sense). He has a talent for thinking outside of the box and challenging the norm. He grounds me and is my logical and realistic sounding board. I also love his genuine heart. I love how excited he gets to teach others. I love how he will stop into the shops just to buy the homeless man groceries or counts down until he can see his nephew. He’s just great!”

On Hannah, Lewis says “In many ways, Hannah is my opposite and I’m often thankful for how different she is to me. When I’m the pessimist, she finds the silver lining; when I’m being an emotionless robot, she reminds me to stop and smell the roses. I love seeing her on the dance floor at a wedding, or the silly mood she gets in after one champagne.

I’m still learning the sounds of all her different laughs, and trying my best to understand what she means when she makes random sounds as a substitute for a word she can’t remember. When Hannah is by my side, I feel like I can take on the world – she sees who I can be, and challenges me to become that person even when I make it hard work for her.”


This post features the following wedding vendors. If you've been featured below, we'd love to get to know you. Click here to join Polka Dot Bride.

Amy & Brad

We’re talking a lot this year about how weddings are going to look in the next few months, And for Amy and Brad, an intimate day was not only right on trend, but exactly what they dreamt of. These two invited just their two best friends to their ceremony, before a reception with everyone they loved. They even had a dear friend help them tie the knot! Oh and if you think that’s all there is to love, can we tell you just how many colours were woven through every element of the day? Captured by Swift Hound Weddings, it’s bright, it’s beautiful and it’s so very full of joy.

Amy and Brad first met seven years ago at a joint birthday party, romance blossomed and Brad eventually decided Black Point in the D’Entreacasteaux National Park was the most apt place to pop the question!

In keeping with the relaxed, boho styling of the day, bride Amy chose to wear the “Poppy Stardust” gown from Rue de Seine.

Amy and Brad chose floral designer Australind Florist for the fresh blooms on the day, saying “I was pretty relaxed with the style and left it up to my florist, my only request was bright and colourful. Australind Florist was recommended to me for having a bright and colourful shop.”

Both Amy and Brad drove themselves to the ceremony, in their favourite vintage cars.

Amy and Brad were married at Cadell Park, the bride noting “We chose Cadell Park for its quaint, secluded and close proximity to Bunbury. It’s very popular in the Dardanup Shire for hosting weddings, Ange was the one to first suggest it.”

The couple married under a copper arbour they’d made themselves, adorned with bright and colourful flowers.

Lucky for Amy and Brad, they were able to have a dear friend officiate their ceremony, the bride remarking “The ceremony was beautifully performed by a dear friend and celebrant Sara Bowls, lyrics from one of our favourite songs by Steel Panther “If you Really Really Love Me” were shared, followed by our own vows. It was short and sweet.”

Chosen by Brad, the bride walked down the aisle by herself to Granger Smiths “4WD”.

Advice for couples yet to tie the knot? “Do it exactly your way,” advises Amy. “Don’t let peoples’ opinions and emotions interfere with what you both want. Share the decisions with each other.”

“We loved keeping our day small,” notes the bride. “Being able to enjoy each other’s company. Being able to drive ourselves was super fun.”

This truly was an intimate wedding, the couple choosing to have just their two best friends present to act as witnesses.

The bride’s favourite photo? “Brad performing a burnout. It was the first time I had ever been in a car whilst one was being performed.”

Amy and Brad didn’t do their entire wedding day alone, gathering with their very favourite people to celebrate soon after.

Not only did Amy and Brad chose Swift Hound Weddings to capture stills of their wedding day, but they also captured a film of the adventure! Amy explaining “The most important part for us was our video, we came across our videographers Swift Hound Weddings two year previous.

We actually wanted them to have as much input as possible and asked them to help organise our timeline and decided how they wanted to do it. We chose the locations and they had the freedom to do the rest. Best decision we made.”

A big congratulations to you both Amy and Brad! What a wonderfully fun day! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us. Thank you also to Swift Hound Weddings for today’s photography and film!


This post features the following wedding vendors. If you've been featured below, we'd love to get to know you. Click here to join Polka Dot Bride.

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