Sometimes, in the depths of winter, we all need a little spring. And we could not think of anything more appropriate to bring you out of the winter doldrums than this incredible display of Claire Pettibone‘s “Timeless” collection.

On show at New York Bridal Market, the designer dreamt of a floral vision, that complemented the intricate floral detail, and layered detail of her latest debut. Named “Timeless Bride” the collection is all about a bride who does not attune to trends or modern elements, instead seeking to find a gown that speaks to her own personality, just as she is at this very moment. And this collection? It’s just as Claire is, romantic, colourful and detail drive, and for a designer who surrounds herself, and weaves feminine detail into every one of her gowns, the setting encapsulated it all.

In timeless New York, Claire invited East Made Co to style her vision, Faye + Renee Event Design creating stunning floral details that spoke of a spring wonderland, the textures and pastel hues layered, the blossoms filling every space and spilling over in plentiful abundance, enveloping the models as they walked amongst it all.

Photographer Sophie Kaye working to capture the fragrant, flower-filled wonderland, that spoke more of a spring garden than a New York apartment. With beautiful French renaissance inspired cakes and desserts by Trouvaille Bakery which invited guests to take a slice and enjoy the magic. There were dreamy silk ribbons from EmmaLinh, decadent jewels from Victor Barboné Jewelry, beautiful fine art inspired paper programs from T P D Design House finished with exquisite calligraphy by Shotgunning for Love.

There are few designers that evoke such a play on the senses like Claire Pettibone, and few designers who play with feminine florals, pastel hues and intricate quite like she. But this collection and the resulting showing bring to life a vision that is unparalleled and the most beautiful remedy for the inevitable grey. It brings to life the very best of all that is to come.
Claire Pettibone gowns are available via her flagship LA salon, worldwide retailers and are stocked in Australia at Designer Bridal House.


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It’s one thing to snap a picture, but it’s another to be able to capture the spirit and soul of a wedding  – and that is exactly what characterises Sophie Baker Photography’s style. Every wedding is unique with all the unique stories that happen throughout the day, and it is this magic that Sophie is so clever at capturing – with the essence of the day shining out at you from the images. Imagining the sort of day it was – from the weather to the interactions between people, to the love between the couple – it’s all there in its raw beauty.

We asked Sophie from Sophie Baker Photography five questions in five minutes:

What is the most important piece of advice you can give to engaged couples?
As you start to plan your wedding, remember, do it how you want to do it! There are so many things about a wedding that people still do simply because they think they have to. Other than the legal part of your ceremony, literally everything else is free-game! Want to walk down the aisle together? Go for it! Don’t want to wear shoes? Ditch ’em. Gathering a bridal party together a bit overwhelming? Roll as a duo. Write down what you value and what you want out of the day, and go from there. It’s amazing what you might discover you don’t need, or what you discover you want to add in that isn’t considered as standard. I’ve had the pleasure of having so many of my couples do their weddings ‘differently’ and it’s so special!

Tell us about a hidden talent you have?
Give me a pair of tap shoes and I can tap out a mean time-step, I was a tap dancer in a former life.

As a vendor, what excites you about the wedding day?
I’m in a really unique position on a wedding day in the sense that I get to have a front row seat for the whole day, no other vendor has this. Every little step of the day excites me, I know what’s coming up next and each time we transition into the next part of the day I get a sense of “oh, here it comes!” And then, at the end of it all, when I collapse into my car after a mammoth day, I usually have a little highlight reel of the day playback through my mind and I smile and think “who could’ve known all that magic was going to happen today.” Every single wedding is different – the format might be the same: prep then ceremony then photos then reception, but within that are so many little stories and moments that are all so unique to each couple. Everything excites me, they’re huge days and it’s so hard to single out one part.

What are you known for?
In my photography, I’m known for candid emotions and documentary storytelling, and in my personal life, I’m known for being clumsy (yes, I know, I was a dancer, it’s completely ironic) and having a good laugh at myself.

If you could choose a song to play for the rest of your life what would it be?
I am that person that plays a song on repeat until I hate it and then I never play it again (go hard or go home, right? haha). One song that always gets me in the feels and I’m not sick of yet is Come Thou Fount by Kings – it’s a reworking of an old hymn and they’ve produced it so well, it’s just so good to listen to and builds emotion so well. I guess I appreciate music for the same reasons I appreciate photography – when it’s done well, it’ll make you feel something, it’ll evoke things out of you and that’s a pretty spectacular thing to be able to create.


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