Vienne & Jonathan

The beautiful setting of Sydney’s Centennial Park, a picnic of wine and cheese and yellow poppies sounds like my idea of bliss, and for today’s lovely couple Vienne & Jonathan, who themselves love to spend weekends wining and dining on picnic rugs, there could be no more of an appropriate setting, than this very one.

From the moment Jay of The Mood Lab met these two, he knew he had to do something special for their shoot. He enlisted the help of stylist and floral designer Prajna Flower to bring his vision to life. “We chose this style as it represents us and what we love” explains Vienne. “We love going on picnics together, enjoying the small pleasures of life and keeping our love simple and unembellished, so this styled shoot was ideal for us.”

It wasn’t the first time the couple had worked with Jay, Jonathan planning to propose during a mock engagement with the photographer! Vienne explaining “We had been talking about getting engaged and we planned for our first trip to Europe in Oct 2018, that was when I thought Jonathan would propose. Little did I know, he had conspired to do a surprise proposal during a mock engagement shoot up at Long Jetty with Jay before our Europe trip. However, his plans were foiled due to unpredictable weather conditions and so instead Jonathan took me on a simple date to the city, revisiting the NSW Art Gallery and Australian Museum. At sunset, he took to me Paddington Reservoir and completely surprised me when he popped the question! I said yes, and then we had a lovely dinner at Lumi.”

Vienne and Jonathan first laid eyes on one another in a country town. “We met in whilst at university in the quaint countryside town of Orange” shares the bride to be. “We started off as friends and as time passed, this grew into something more. We enjoyed doing simple things together like watching films, cooking and listening to music together. A very special moment for us was seeing our first shooting star together when we use to star gaze while listening to our favourite songs and sipping on hot chocolate.”

On what she loves about her future husband, Vienne shares “I love the way Jonathan cares deeply for those around him and the warmth he radiates towards those who are close to him. I love the way he pretends to put up a stern front but when he smiles, I know instantly it’s all a facade and he’s just as soft as his belly. He has a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to those he loves and whenever I am around him, I feel safe and warm. To me, he feels like home.”

“I love absolutely everything about Vienne” tells Jonathan. “From the very first time I met her in Orange 9 years til now, she still has the same beautiful, vibrant energy that brings a smile to your face. She is incredibly kind and caring, always there when I need her, always giving everything she can for her family and friends. I love going on wonderful adventures with her. I love doing the simplest things with her. She’s my best friend and I’ll treasure every day as we grow old together.”


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Jane & Aaron

Melbourne city was the backdrop for Jane and Aaron’s vintage and relaxed wedding. With a beautifully detailed gown, restaurant reception and plenty of DIY details, this celebration has us swooning! Heart and Soul Weddings captured the day.

Having met in Sydney where both the bride and groom were working at the time, the two made it official in good time. They share, ”We’re a modern couple so we talked about it beforehand! We both say we knew each other was ‘The One’ the first time we met, so we both knew that we’d get married someday. We even chose the rings together because my husband knows how picky I can be!”

The bride wore a breathtaking gown from Asos, featuring embroidered flowers. She remembers, ”My dress was a little different from the traditional wedding dress. It had gold floral detailing and sleeves – sleeves are so hard to find on a dress! Women everywhere will know what I mean. I loved the dress being backless too, it fit the relaxed vibe perfectly. I had initially purchased a structured, traditional gown which was a disaster to try and have tailored. I’m so glad I went with my heart and chose another option with was more ‘me’!”

Sonya from Heart and Soul Weddings captured Jane and Aaron’s first look, and every other sweet detail of the day. The newlyweds tell, ”She is every couples dream vendor. She’s patient, kind, funny, and most importantly, has an amazing eye for photography. Sonya supported my husband and I before the wedding and on the day in ways that are above and beyond her role. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer!”

Keen to have a relaxed day, the bride and groom wanted a meaningful ceremony that kept things simple. They share, ”Aside from our photographer, our celebrant was just amazing! We chose Dean Eddy before we decided on anything else, even the venue or the date of the wedding! Dean made us feel so comfortable on the day. He was extremely organised and professional in the planning process to ensure that the ceremony fit us perfectly as a couple.”

Both the ceremony and reception were held at Melbourne’s Little Henri. Jane shares, ”We loved the set up in the courtyard with fairy lights twinkling in the trees and greenery all around us! We had a civil ceremony in the courtyard, surrounded by our friends and family. Neither of us are religious so the ceremony was short but very meaningful to us. Our reading was by A.A Milne, named ‘If There Ever Is A Tomorrow’ from Winnie the Pooh, which is very near and dear to my heart. The bear with very little brain can teach us all something!” The bride walked down the aisle with her father to ‘Tenerife Sea’ by Ed Sheeran.

Known for its superb eats, Little Henri was the perfect pick for Jane and Aaron. They tell, ”By day it’s a brunch spot and by night it turns into a gorgeous event space! The venue is expansive with vintage decor and a gorgeous split-level courtyard with trees and fairy lights. It fit our laid-back style perfectly, and most importantly, the food is amazing – seriously, you have to try the pork belly!”

The bride put together bouquets with flowers from Kmart, and was creative in many other ways! She remembers, ”We DIY-ed the cake boxes, flowers and favours because we didn’t find anything store bought that we loved. It’s a great way to save money and ensure that everything is exactly the way you want it to look. We purchased a lot of the decor and general items from Etsy, which is an amazing way to support small local businesses. Plus, you know the items will be unique and one of a kind!”

Thank you to our stunning bride and groom for sharing your perfect wedding day with us, and congratulations! Thank you also to Heart and Soul Weddings for your magnificent photos.


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  • Flowers
  • DIY by the Bride from Kmart

Photo by Gemma Clarke Photography via Pascal & Richard’s Black Tie Sydney Garden Wedding

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