The funky crew at Brisbane photography studio Feather + Stone sent over this recent shoot they did in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. I love the sense of style in the shoot- it’s certainly there, but there is no loss of fun! To me, I love it when the shoot has a sense of fun to it!Britt

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I love rainy day weddings, especially moments where Mother Nature holds off until the ceremony has just finished such as at the wedding of Sarah and Marty (see more here) captured by ST Photography. It’s like Mother Nature is sending a message.Photo by ST Photography

I didn’t want to change the name of today’s photograph, because I think the photographer Cathy Crawley of Beautiful Moments Photography captured it beautifully.Cathy just returned from WPPI in Las Vegas (a photography convention) where this picture won her an Accolade of Excellence- Congratulations Cathy! (See more here).Photo by Beautiful Moments Photography.

This photo is from the wedding of Eileen & Matthew (see more here) captured by One Love Photo. I love the childike wonder of children at weddings, and this precious one just captures something really special.Photo by One Love Photo.

This is just one of those photos that makes me happy. It’s iconic to me because well, it’s one of the images I’ve seen constantly throughout my time as a blogger and one I’ve come to adore. It’s from the wedding of Lisa and Nick, originally seen in Martha Stewart Weddings. The bride does gorgeous

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This is a special iconic wedding image to me. It was the first time I ever did “Snapshot Sunday” and was posted on April Fools Day in 2008! My thoughts haven’t changed since then, so I’m just going to re-post what I posted then! (I’ve also realised this photo is from Kristina of 100 Layer

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There are many reasons why this image is iconic to me. Many weddings featured in Martha Stewart take my fancy but this one did for it’s special touches (see more here). The collected, mismatched china, the flower fabric backdrops, the tea length wedding dress. So personal to the couple and so fun.Photo via Martha Stewart

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Can anyone ever go past the beauty of Jose Villa’s photographs? I think this shoe shot of Chelsea and Tec may have been the first “socks and fabulous coloured shoe” shots I’d ever seen. I love it!Photo by Jose Villa

Another “iconic” wedding image! I think a lot of wedding bloggers were blown away when they saw the work of Max Wanger.This shot is from his engagement shoot of Joanna (aka A Cup Of Joe) and Alex. Not only did it start a flood of using balloons at weddings & engagements, but for me, it

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I am so thrilled to bring you today’s beautiful wedding of Pippa and Stephen. The beautiful vintage romance style came through the day with soft colours and a dreamy atmosphere.Pippa and Stephen met in high school where Stephen was a grade above Pippa. Once Pippa finished university, the couple got together and the rest is

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I thought it might be nice to showcase some of the wedding images that are really iconic to me.This image by Christian Oth popped up around the time I entered the wedding blog world and has remained a favourite ever since.Photo by Christian Oth

I love this shot by The Image Is Found crew of Elle and Brenden on their wedding day (see more here). I wish everyone that kind of happiness on their wedding day.Photo by The Image Is Found

I have been enamored with this photo since I spotted it on the Green Wedding Shoes Blog.There’s something about Carly’s feather like dress and the composition that takes my breath away.  See more of their wedding captured by Marie Labbancz here. Photo by Marie Labbancz

This shot by Janine Kaye Photography of Natasha and Abed’s wedding (see more here) makes me smile. The little things that make that perfect shot happen!Photo by Janine Kaye Photography

I love this shot of the dance floor from Ken & Hillary’s wedding (see more here) captured by Sarah Rhodes Photographers. All dance floors should be that much fun! Photo by Sarah Rhodes Photographers.