I love this photo from Poonam & Rishi’s wedding (see more here) as captured by Ben Rugers of Xsight PhotographyPhoto courtesy of Ben Rugers of Xsight Photography

Love the face of this expressive little one at the wedding of Brandi and John (see more here) shot by Amanda Kraft Photography Photo courtesy of Amanda Kraft Photography

I adore today’s photo- the post wedding emotion is blissful. The wedding itself of  Mary and Craig (see more here) captured by Natnee Photography is beautiful and so Australian. There are green shoes, rolling hills gum leaf place cards, Akubra hats, an old tin shed and a bonfire.Photo by Natnee Photography

I love the popular crazy booth I’ve been seeing from US photographers and am excited to see it starting to emerge in Australia. An alternative to a traditional photo booth, the crazy booth allows for a little more freedom! Here’s a few of the Australian photographers I’ve found offering it.North Coast Photography based in Coffs

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I love this photo of Matt & Tamsin taken during their wedding ceremony (see more here) by Jonas PetersonPhoto by Jonas Peterson

After Tara married Jason (see more here) when the last guest had left the dance floor and the the last glass of champagne had been drunk, she took a moment to look at their wedding photo slide show and the day that was.Photo by Pixel Magic

These shoes aren’t quite suede, but I love them anyway.They’re from Melissa and Maurice’s wedding (see more here) as shot by Gemma ClarkePhoto by Gemma Clarke Photography

Love this shot of the boys at Marty and Bethany’s wedding (see more here) captured by Linda Truong Photo by Linda Truong

I love this shot by One Love Photo at Lyndsay and Jason’s wedding. A peaceful moment caught in time, with the magic of the city behind them.Photo by One Love Photo

Love this photo of Joanne from her wedding day with Milan (see more here) by Xiss Photography Photo by by Xiss Photography

This photo is from the beautiful wedding of Fiona and Robert captured by North Coast Photography (see more here)While I loved so many of the photos of this wedding, I am feeling particularly patriotic at the moment after such an intense and emotional week in Australia. This photo is so Australian to me- capturing the

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I love the tense anticipation as captured by DeRay & Simcoe in Katie’s face as she waits in the car to wed Michael (See more from their wedding here) 

Love this kiss between Audrey and David (see more here) captured by Leigh Miller PhotographyPhoto by Leigh Miller Photography