Bride Wars opens in Australian cinemas today. This long awaited movie is full of well known wedding brands like Vera Wang, Tiffany & Co and was opened to a blue carpeted premiere last week.Starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, Bride Wars focuses on the friendships of two friends who find their inner bridezillas after accidentally

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Love this shot of Amanda and Paul taken at their wedding by Tea Lily Photography (see more here)Photo by Tea Lily Photography

I love this serene shot from Megan and Justin’s wedding (see more here) by Millie HollomanPhoto by Millie Holloman

I would love to get married here- a glittering Christmas tree is a beautiful backdrop to a wedding ceremony! From the wedding of Yung and Paul by Keith Cephus Photography (see more here)Photo by Keith Cephus Photography

I like this shot- the curves of the table, the cake and the lone man feasting. From the wedding of Malena and Ryan (see more here) shot by CINEMATIC by David MPhoto courtesy of CINEMATIC by David M

I love seeing adults have as much fun as the kids! This one is from the gorgeous wedding of Kyle and Kim (see more here) This shot is from captured by Aj’s StudioPhoto by AJs Studio

Soon in Sydney a bunch of photographers are gathering with one of my favourite Canadian photographers (previously written about here) Jesh De Rox.  Samm Blake hosted him in Perth last week and now he’s hitting Bondi Beach!It’s always a big deal to see photographers like this come to Australia as we’re so far away!Unfortunately as

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This photo almost made me sit at my desk and take a deep breath too. It’s from Rebecca and Klinton’s wedding shot by Anna Kuperberg (see more here)Photo by Anna Kuperberg

Does this not look like a beautiful painting? It’s shot by Cliff Mautner and is from the wedding of Maria and Frank (see more here)Photo by Cliff Mautner

Tired of simple wedding videos? Make a production out of it like Brian and Eileen did! Brian & Eileen’s Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

I love this photo of Emma’s wedding by Jen from NK & Anna Rose Photography in Perth- it looks like Emma is about to break out in song- but she tells me it’s just a look of relief after two years of planning!Photo courtesy of NK & Anna Rose Photography

Because then you end up with funny shots like this one from Micah and Kelly’s wedding shot by Image Digital Photography. See more of their wedding herePhoto by Image DIgital Photography

Not so sure about a first look? How about a first touch? This is Megan and Shawn just before their wedding captured by Whitebox Weddings (Check out their wedding here)Photo by Whitebox Weddings

I love this shot by Marie Labbancz of Alyssa at her wedding to James (full blog entry here)Photo by Marie Labbancz Photography