As part of The Proposal Issue, we’ve spent way too many hours pouring over every kind of proposal (though if we’re honest, we kind of spend our weeks doing that anyway!) and today? We’re rounding up 10 of the most fun, viral proposals we adore. From the classic flash mobs to the made for TV specials, the hardware store antics and the movie cinemas!

The Flash Mob With A Car Proposal

I think this may have just been one of the earliest proposal videos that took over our screens and it remains a good classic! A little dance, a moving car – what could go wrong?

Youtube/Matt Hulbert

The Instant Wedding Proposal

This one had to be included just because of how insanely huge the planning and operation was! Set for a TV show, the proposal turns out much more than this respecting girlfriend ever thought!


The Move Theatre Proposal

Shout out to the Aussies! Ever gone to a movie and had a surprise? This unsuspecting victim went from relaxed moviegoer to something even more!

Youtube/Liam Coopert

The Hardware Store Proposal

This one wins for a fabulous location! A local hardware store, a flash mob and a little dancing won my heart.

Youtube/Spencer Stoutt

The Most Magical Place On Earth Proposal

Disney is after all the most magical place on earth, so of course, it has to be an obvious choice for a proposal!


The Spin Me Round Proposal

When a spin class turns into something so much more. This one has to be the ultimate kind of feel good proposal.


The Ultimate Prank Proposal

If you’re set on pranking each other for the rest of your lives, these turned their proposal from the ultimate prank.


The Audition Proposal

When you think you’re showing up for a dance audition but actually it just turns out everyone is going along with a complete facade for one very romantic reason.

Youtube/Nick Sorut

The Day In The Park Proposal

A day in the park anyone? A little sunshine, a marching band and POP! Love the fun, Summer vibes of this one!


Image via Evoke Photography

Most girls will drop hints and share their perfect engagement ring dreams with their boyfriend, making his job of choosing the ring a breeze… but some girls don’t!

For the few unlucky guys who find themselves in this situation… we feel you. How do you know what she likes? How do you (genuinely) surprise her? You have trouble picking out what to wear and thinking of a unique proposal idea, let alone designing a timeless piece of jewellery that your girlfriend is going to love forever.

Image via Adam Palmer Photography

Instead of blowing the surprise and asking her, here are some helpful hints to overcome what could potentially be a daunting shopping experience…

Propose with the diamond alone
Choose a diamond within your budget and propose with this gem in a beautiful ring box. After she says yes, book a visit to the jeweller and design the ring together!

Propose with an “IOU” note
Drop down on one knee and open a ring box to reveal an “IOU” note. Make it playful by asking her to unfold the IOU to reveal a love note from you, with an explanation about a booking you have made to design the ring together. So sweet!

Image via Paul Gosney Photography

Propose with a dummy ring
Ask your jeweller to give you a “dummy ring” to propose with.  Most jewellers will do this and then allow you to come in and design the real deal after you have proposed.

Keep an eye out for clues
If you want to design the ring beforehand, have a look at the type of jewellery she currently wears. Is it dainty with simple designs or more on the detailed, “chunky” side? Is it white gold, yellow gold or rose gold? The kind of jewellery she wears is a good indication of her style and taste.

Image via Kyle Ingram Photography

Sneak a look at her Pinterest boards on her phone. Most girls in a relationship will have a board dedicated to their favourite engagement rings. Take a quick screen shot and don’t forget to delete the evidence! Her family and friends should also have an idea of rings she has shown them, so ask around.

Research trending designs
Have a browse through the bridal blogs on Instagram for some trendy inspiration. You can also ask your jeweller what most girls are loving at the moment.

Dominique from Cerrone Jewellers in Sydney says “The trends for engagement rings we are seeing at the moment are definitely oval shaped centre stones. In terms of bands, we are seeing a preference for ultra-fine or “whisper thin” settings as opposed to slightly thicker bands/designs from a few years ago.”

Gloria from my proposal co. says “Halos were very popular for a number of years, but we are now noticing a shift towards simple solitaire designs, in line with the recent minimalist fashion trends”

Image via Shevan J Photography

Keep it simple
When it doubt, keep it simple and timeless. Your jeweller or proposal planner have worked with a lot of brides and grooms, so ask them for help. With all their years of experience they will know what this means.

Have fun ring shopping!

Image By Blumenthal Photography

Ms Zebra Says: Ahh such a tricky thing to do – choose the best ring, within budget, that she will love forever!! These are all great tips from my proposal co. to take the pressure out of a perfect moment!

About the contributor my proposal co.: my proposal co. is a customised, creative and confidential service specialising in luxury marriage proposals. Headquartered in Sydney, we plan proposals all over Australia and across the world.

Chic Cargo Hall Wedding014

Jessica & Grant’s Chic Cargo Hall Wedding

With a more relaxed and informal ceremony & overall vibe, this beautiful couple were simply pleased to be in the same room as their nearest and dearest! Throwing away tradition, they instead chose to focus on their personalities and exactly how they wanted the day to be spent…this especially shines through in the Groom & Groomsmen attire!

The boys all wore tailor-made suits from Brent Wilson. Blue was the definite choice to match Grant’s blue eyes! We loved adding a bit of fun with the bow ties and coloured socks.

Chic Cargo Hall Wedding015
Chic Cargo Hall Wedding016
Chic Cargo Hall Wedding017
Chic Cargo Hall Wedding019
Chic Cargo Hall Wedding022
Chic Cargo Hall Wedding026
Chic Cargo Hall Wedding030
Chic Cargo Hall Wedding034
Chic Cargo Hall Wedding039