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Keeping the ceremony short, yet sweet, allowed Celeste and Lachlan to tailor their beautiful Autumn wedding at Abbotsford Convent to their relationship and guests. Celeste recounts what her handsome groom chose to wear for their special day!

The Groom wore a navy suit, with a white shirt, black bow tie, black Aquila shoes and a black Hugo Boss belt.

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With the Autumn chill in the air, it seems there is no better time to delve into the dapper world of Autumn Winter collection releases from our friends at tailor Instichu.

Titled “Man In the Moment” the collection is all about the “sensory experience of the modern Australian male”. It was shot on the streets of Melbourne and it seems the collection certainly ticks all the boxes.

The collection is filled with daring and city chic styling, celebrating the every day moments. The campaign is reminiscent of city moments – such as the smell of a fresh cup of coffee, the lunchtime wander in the park on a winter day, the post work knock off, with Negroni in hand.

Offering up all the favourite winter classics – think traditional charcoal and navy, but also something a little more daring. A little more “out there” with coloured jackets of windowpane pattern and chic cream tuxedos paired with black silk bow ties. It’s fashion-forward and of the moment and designed with versatility in mind. Pieces can easily be mixed and matched, layered and personal customisation is encouraged.

Co-Founder Robin McGowan sharing, “In a sense, the campaign tracks our journey as a brand: there’s a bit of Manhattan edge, but a lot of the functionality, versatility and classicism that the Australian male wants out of their wardrobe. From formal outfits to workwear, tailored, casual and one-off statement garments. This is what gives a man the ability to live in the moment—dressing well and feeling confident without having to be too conscious of it all.”

Want your own customised Institchu look for your wedding day? The collection is now live on their website and in their showrooms. Hit the website for more.      

Images by Mikey Whyte

About InStitchu: InStitchu is all about the experience—transport yourself into the realms of old-world tailoring at one of our Showrooms across Australia, New Zealand and North America, as you sip on a glass of Whisky with your dedicated Stylist, or hop online to our seamless and simple website to get designing from the comfort of your own home.

High school lovers, April and John, took the plunge and married after more than 10 years together. Their celebration was centred around a old-world garden party, with much d.i.y. styling done by the couple, family and friends. Although hail arrived, it didn’t stop the groom (and bride) from looking their best! John discusses his classic look and choice of colour.

I wore a grey suit with texture to it, I didn’t want a shiny suit and the grey was my choice to fit in with the vintage style. I thought that grey was the most classic style. My pocket square was a fabric offcut of April’s dress which mum gave to me the morning of the wedding. It was really exciting to get a little glimpse of April’s dress without knowing at all what it would look like. My bow tie was off a cool online store – Grand Frank – which I came across by chance when looking for vintage wedding things. Myself and all my groomsmen wore vintage Casios which I bought for them as a gift. I love Casios, always have and thought they would go perfectly with the theme.




This post features the following wedding vendors. If you've been featured below, we'd love to get to know you. Click here to join Polka Dot Bride.