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A Monday affair saw Melody and Dave tie the knot at Sydney’s infamous Bondi Icebergs. A relaxed event with plenty of romance and dancing was the order of the day and the Groom’s smart attire was the perfect balance of beachside style. Melody explains their choices! 

Dave has the most amazing blue eyes. It’s hard not to fall in love with them! So naturally, he looks great in blue, and given our wedding was beach side, during summer, he wanted something a bit more casual and not too hot and stuffy, so opted against a full suit. The boys went for a light blue pant and waistcoat, paired with classic white shirts. Dave accessorised with a gorgeous textured gold tie with blue accents, and brown belt and shoes, and the groomsmen had navy polka dot bow ties. Dave was very glad to have opted against a full suit with jacket as we had a scorching hot day. The boys looked great, and I was thrilled how beautifully they matched with the bridesmaids, without having really given much thought to that.

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Photographer: Tealily Photography / Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Roger David / Groom's Shoes: Aquila
Moody New Zealand Rainforest Elopement Inspiration. Image via Sarah McEvoy Photography

Moody New Zealand Rainforest Elopement Inspiration. Image via Sarah McEvoy Photography

Happy New Year! Congrats on making it to the year when you will finally get married to that special someone. Some people use the new year to set ambitious personal goals, like losing weight, changing careers or moving to another country, and let’s face it, most of those people don’t quite cut it when it comes to following through.

The good news is that you don’t have to make any grand promises before your wedding (save grand promises for the actual day). Instead, you should be getting a clear idea of your ‘wedding to-do list’ and making sure the ‘resolutions’ you add to it, are in fact, achievable!

And since I’ve done this dance already, I thought I’d put together the perfect list of small but important things you, as a groom, need to check off ahead of your wedding, along with a few little tips to help you get them done. Consider them your actual achievable New Year’s resolutions.

The morning of

This is an easy one, but it can also be easy to overlook. Boredom is a curse and if you’ve planned everything right, your wedding morning will be a lot of sitting around waiting for the event to kick off. Don’t be bored – consider going out for brunch, or chucking on your favourite movie. Talk to your groomsmen in advance about what you’d like to do before the wedding and give them an idea of how they could make the morning special for you.

Wanda and Matt's fun and personal Tangelwood Estate wedding. Image via Harold Lord

Wanda and Matt’s fun and personal Tangelwood Estate wedding. Image via Harold Lord

Don’t get tied up in knots

I’ve said this in the pages of Polka Dot Groom before, but it still keeps rearing its head when I talk to grooms about their wedding day. With so much happening, it can be easy to neglect your tie.

Waking up on your wedding day in a panic because you have no idea how to tie a tie is a nightmare scenario you don’t need in your life. If you’re hiring a suit, get the organisation to tie your ties for you and your groomsmen while you are getting your fitting done.

Then they can leave them ready to go for the big day. If you’ve bought your own ties, then there’s always a parent, relative or that groomsman who went to a private school who can help you out. In the meantime, why not hit up youtube for some tutorials and set yourself the task of learning how to tie it yourself before the big day!

That extra something

Ok, so you’re already about to make your partner super happy by being the best soon-to-be husband you can be, but why not go the extra mile and organise a surprise? Get flowers delivered so that when your partner wakes up on their wedding day, they start their day off right!

Or, get a note to them in the morning via the bridal party – it doesn’t have to be a long note, but just enough to let them know you’re thinking of them. A little extra thought goes a long way – start planning now!

Hannah & Brent's Boho Inspired Country Wedding at Albert River Wines. Image via Salt Media

Hannah & Brent’s Boho Inspired Country Wedding at Albert River Wines. Image via Salt Media

I vow to thee 

Ok, we’re getting serious now. Those other resolutions, they do involve a bit of work, but this one requires something even more demanding: brainpower. And getting your thoughts together on paper which describe the person who is most important to you can be difficult – especially for those of us who don’t have the gift of the gab or a fondness for the written word.

In order to factor in that you will be reciting the vows in front of all your friends and family, and that it will be a heavily emotional day, I’d start by saying, there is no pressure to write your own vows.

Some couples are happy with going through the ‘I do’s’ and allow the celebrant to steer the rest of the ship. Others choose to recite words which someone else has already written, for example, a poem. Then there’s those who choose to write their vows from scratch. I know it’s hard to do, but in my experience, these are always the best weddings to attend. You don’t have to be a wordsmith, just be honest.

Start with why you love your partner, how lucky you feel, and end with what you think your future together will look like and why you can’t wait to start it! Simple.

Ms Zebra Says: I can only commend Mr Houndstooth on getting on the front foot to make any groom’s wedding the very best! Follow these few resolutions and you’ll have a ‘happy wife, happy life’!!!

About the author Mr Houndstooth: I am a happily married man. I enjoy a fine whisky, a new suit and swashbuckling around town with my beautiful bride. Looking back on my wedding day always makes me smile, even though it began to rain just as I said ‘I do’.


Bianca & Andrew tell the story that their first meetings were not love at first sight, however a fairytale in the making. Marrying in the magical setting of Coombe Melba Estate, the pair were immediately at ease once they stood before each other. Andrew reflects on his fondest memory from their special day.

“Seeing Bianca getting out of the car with her dad at the ceremony. It was the first part of the day where I felt that thrill of excitement that I was going to spend the rest of my life with this woman.”

Photographer: Motta Weddings