It was a no fuss, relaxed wedding between Alice & Marty that included dancing, fun, family and friends. There was beautiful floral arrangements and even a donut wall, however Marty’s most inspiring memory is nothing in comparison to seeing the love of his life walking towards him. He tells us in his own words.

The thing that I remember most about our day was definitely the moment I saw Alice get out of the car and walk down the aisle.

From the relaxed style ceremony to feather boas hitting the dance floor, Bess and Will’s wedding was filled with laughter and fun – and even a bagpipe for good measure! Bess tells of the Groom’s choice of suit and how it’s not just the bride who falls completely in love with their outfit!

Will wore a suit from P. Johnson. It is his favourite (only) tailored suit and he has since worn it to one other wedding, and once to work.


Photographer: Aparat Photography / Groom's Attire: P Johnson Tailors

With the sounds of crashing waves on Belongil Beach in Byron Bay, Britt & Mitch locked eyes and promised forever. In a whimsical, love filled ceremony, Mitch recalls the moment he will cherish for eternity. 

“The most memorable moment was when I first caught eyes with Britt as she came over a small rise walking down the aisle. Before I met Britt I never thought that it was possible for me to find someone that I truly and completely loved. I had always wanted that, and I had thought in the past that it would be horrible to be looking down the aisle at your wedding and feel only somewhat happy. So the immense joy (literally the best feeling I have ever had in my life) that I felt as I saw Britt walking down the aisle was not only a huge reflection of the great love we share, but also was a milestone in my life that I was able to find the only person in the world who could make me feel that way.”

Photographer: Bulb Creative Co