A blending of cultures in a setting – Edwards Wines – where some of the most delicious blends are created was how Belinda and Mark embraced an Australian x Austrian ‘outback’ ceremony. Mark tells of a moment he savours from their sunny wedding day! 

It’s probably a cliche, but seeing Bel walk down the aisle for the first time. She took my breath away.

Australian Austrian Wedding012
Australian Austrian Wedding013
Australian Austrian Wedding014
Australian Austrian Wedding015
Australian Austrian Wedding017

Photographer: Carla Atley

Relaxed Kidogo Arthouse Wedding024

In a beautiful and love filled ceremony, Melanie and Hamish found their perfect venue in Kidogo Arthouse. With the ocean at their feet, a celebrant who just ‘got them’ and their closest loved ones, Melanie reflects on just how handsome Hamish looked on the day!

Hamish wore a navy blue MJ Bale suit, classic and very handsome!

Relaxed Kidogo Arthouse Wedding025
Relaxed Kidogo Arthouse Wedding026
Relaxed Kidogo Arthouse Wedding030
Relaxed Kidogo Arthouse Wedding031
Relaxed Kidogo Arthouse Wedding032
Relaxed Kidogo Arthouse Wedding040
Relaxed Kidogo Arthouse Wedding042
Relaxed Kidogo Arthouse Wedding049
Relaxed Kidogo Arthouse Wedding051

Photographer: Peggy Saas

It was a no fuss, relaxed wedding between Alice & Marty that included dancing, fun, family and friends. There was beautiful floral arrangements and even a donut wall, however Marty’s most inspiring memory is nothing in comparison to seeing the love of his life walking towards him. He tells us in his own words.

The thing that I remember most about our day was definitely the moment I saw Alice get out of the car and walk down the aisle.