Patty & Pete

I think all brides can relate to this cheeky picture above. It’s the moment when the bride has taken her walk down the aisle to her groom and all eyes are them, they are merely minutes away from becoming partners for life and the excitement is bouncing right out of their hearts and hitting the ceiling…but they can’t really say a word to each other because the ceremony is about to start! Ahhh, the best moment.

Today Pete shares his favourite moment from his elegant urban wedding in Brunswick: “Watching my bride come down the aisle and seeing her for the first time. She took my breath away.”

Kimberley and Justin

That moment when you accidentally convince your dad and your husband-to-be to wear the exact same suit to your wedding… and they both follow your orders! What do they do? Kimberley tells us below.

“Justin set his requirements out pretty early, a navy blue suit with tan shoes, and he would not be organising it any earlier than two weeks prior to the wedding (which really stressed me out!)
I had purchased navy polka dot bow tie collars and leads from Dharf for my dogs to wear, so I made sure Justin had a human bow tie from Declic to match.

Unfortunately without realising, I had convinced both Justin and my dad to buy the exact same Peter Jackson suit, and the same white shirt- I guess I really liked the outfit!
It had taken me months to convince my dad that he couldn’t wear the blue suit he already owned (from 1995), so it was Justin who had to go back in and find himself another suit. He wasn’t too impressed with me, but he still looked great in his navy blue suit (and so did dad in his slightly different navy suit).”

Photographer: Long Way Home Photography / Groom's Attire: Peter Jacksons

Image via Institchu. Lighter fabric in navy.

Suit shopping for your wedding can go one of two ways; either it’s a massive drainer or you absolutely crush it.

It usually depends on how much you’re used to wearing suits. After all, some people don’t need to wear a suit unless, well, unless they’re going to a wedding, while others wear one nearly every day.
And if you’re the former, how do you know if your off-the-rack suit is the right fit?

Advice from the professionals

Carl Nave Individually Tailored – a Melbourne business which specialises in individually tailored suits for all occasions, had a few simple but important pieces of advice, and he said going against them was a “cardinal sin”, as far as he was concerned.


“Always look at the shoulders, and the length of the jacket and sleeves,” Carl says.

“If the shoulders are too tight, or too broad, the rest of the suit is not going to fit well.

“The length of jacket is crucial in achieving the right proportions from width to length.

“Cropped jackets are uncouth, your jacket should always cover your back side and crotch, adversely you don’t want the jacket to be too long either, you’ll look like you’re wearing your dad’s jacket and the whole thing will swallow you up.

“Sleeve lengths are paramount to executing the perfect look.”

Carl says your jacket sleeve should be cut 2cm shorter than your shirt cuff.

Image via Carl Nave. Model Sam Wines wearing Carl Nave.

Mauricio Rios – Wedding Manager at InStitchu – custom, tailored menswear around the globe – also highlighted the shoulders as a place to start when seeking the perfect suit.

“One of the most important things to look for in a suit is how well the shoulders fit and – one that so many people get wrong.

“When assessing the fit of your suit, start from your shoulders and then work your way down.
“The shoulder seams of your coat should lay flat and finish at the end of your shoulders where your shoulders start to curve down to your arm.

“The shoulder seams should not extend beyond this, or the jacket will look oversized and ill-fitted.
“It is very difficult to alter a jacket’s shoulders without recreating the whole garment, so if you buy oversized and off the rack it will be difficult to improve the fit.”

Common mistakes

Carl says that he’s seen “many” common mistakes but the worst offender is the ill-fitting jacket.
“Some jackets are cut way too tight and other can to broad and boxy. The perfect jacket should hug your shoulders and drape softly around the body with a lovely taper through the waist widening out over the hips a tad.

“This helps create a slender elongated build.”

Mauricio looked a bit further south for his most common fail.

“Walking through the city, one of the biggest fails we have seen is the length of the pants that some people endure.

“It is really sad to see a guy wearing a perfectly fitted jacket with really long and baggy trousers.
“This really devalues the suit, no matter where he bought it from.

“Another common fashion crime that men in suits make is using both buttons on your standard two-button, single breasted jacket. The bottom button of your jacket should never be done up.”

Image via Institchu.

How to buy a suit

Mauricio stressed that a groom’s “suit buying journey” should be enjoyable.

1. Relax!
“First and foremost, have fun with it,” he says.

2. Fit is everything
“Don’t settle for an ill-fitting off the rack or hire suit on the most important day of your life – think of the photos.”

3. Keep it simple
“We suggest resisting the temptation to overcomplicate things – keep your design simple, clean and classic for your wedding day.

4. Consider a tailored suit
“Go tailored – enjoy the old-world tailoring experience with your Groomsmen, take your time and go for a design that you’re comfortable with, don’t get talked into designs that are outside your comfort zone.”

5. Consider the details
“It’s the little things that make your garment your own and one of a kind – as a nice touch, for your wedding day, we suggest personalising your garments by perhaps having your wedding date or initials monogrammed on your shirt cuffs or inside your jacket.”

Ms Zigzag says: Even the most sophisticated suit can look daggy if it doesn’t fit properly- thank you Mr Houndstooth for sharing this expert advice. 

About Mr Houndstooth: I am a happily married man. I enjoy a fine whisky, a new suit and swashbuckling around town with my beautiful bride. Looking back on my wedding day always makes me smile, even though it began to rain just as I said ‘I do’.