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A wedding is undoubtedly one of life’s most important occasions, and a wedding suit one of the most treasured pieces in a man’s wardrobe. It’s the groom’s duty to look like a groom, so this is not the time to under-dress! While it’s crucial that the groom (and his groomsmen) look their best, comfort is the key to truly wearing a suit well. With endless options available it can be hard to know where to start, so keep an open mind and discuss what you’re feeling in detail with your tailor. We’ve put together a couple of notes to get you started.

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The Context:
Before designing your suit, consider your wedding location, time of year, desired dress code and what your fiancé is wearing. Decide which element is non-negotiable and plan your outfit accordingly to ensure an appropriate look on the day, nothing under-baked. If your fiancé is dressed to the nines, you need to show up to the party.

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For some guys, it can be tough to overcome the anxiety of looking like the centre of attention. A lot of grooms would prefer to leave that to their fiancé, but this is your wedding too and it’s important to push the boat out a little and do it for your bride or groom. Weddings are a great opportunity to experiment with slightly more interesting cloths and we find that men are increasingly looking for something truly unique, something no one else has. As long as the colour use is somewhat ceremonial, wedding looks in linen and blends are appropriate, they just need the right degree of restraint.

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The Wedding Party:
Don’t feel as if it’s necessary to have every groomsman looking the same, or looking like the groom. As long as they look like a team, at some level it’ll look impressive and special. It should be easy to identify the groom amongst the pack. For same sex weddings, we encourage our clients to show their individuality with contrasting outfits but with small uniting elements, such as the same cloth in different colours. No need to match, or you’ll risk looking like two groomsmen.

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The Final Touches:
The key with accessories is keeping it simple. You want to have enough interest in your look to make it clear that you haven’t just come from work, so the use of subtle accessories is really powerful here. The right shoes, a pocket square or an interesting tie are really good ways to dress up what may otherwise be a reasonably conservative look. But remember, more is not more, purity is key to a ceremonial look. Grooming is often overlooked but it’s just as important as the outfit. Take extra attention to look a little more special, you need to look like yourself, but the best version.

On the day, the most important thing is to be comfortable in what you’re wearing and to enjoy yourself!

Ms Zebra Says: A well tailored suit is a must for 2019 Grooms! With so many amazing fashion choices and designs/cloths to choose from, you can’t go wrong!

About P Johnson Tailors: With a decade of experience at the forefront of tailoring, GQ designer of the year P Johnson is a men’s tailor specialising in soft, ultra-light suiting. Established in Sydney in 2009 and now with showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, New York and London and our own production facility in Carrara, Italy, P Johnson offers a unique approach to creating elegant and versatile garments for our clients.

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A botanical boutonniere will always add the finishing touches to the groom’s attire, with a well thought out design not only tying together the bridal party but also complementing the overall wedding style.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the blooms for the grooms.

1. Creating everlasting memories
The scent of a flower has the very special ability to evoke memories, and what better time to be reminded of than your wedding day? For this reason, we like to suggest fragrant blooms are included in bridal bouquets and boutonnieres. Our favourite scented bloom being the exquisite gardenia.

A cluster of intricately wired gardenia blooms, accompanied by their glossy green leaves, can be perfectly crafted into a beautiful fragrant boutonniere. The crisp white petals of the gardenia contrast dramatically with darker suit jackets and we recommend the stem of the boutonniere is wrapped in ribbon to complement the colour of the jacket. To keep the theme coherent, it’s a good idea to include gardenia blooms in the bride’s bouquet also.

Other scented blooms you may like to consider include roses, stephanotis, freesias, hyacinths and stock, all which will forever remind you of your beautiful wedding day.

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2. Pink isn’t just for the ladies
We believe a boutonniere created from pink blooms is the perfect match for currently trending blue suits. A collection of beautiful flowers in shades of blush, rose, magenta or even coral will take your style up a notch.

If you are feeling a little hesitant to wear a traditionally feminine colour, opt for a darker bolder tone and a cleaner, more structured style. Include foliage, berries, native blooms or even mini succulents to increase the textural elements in the design. Include just a pop of pink if you must!

Have the stem of your boutonniere bound in a shade of blue to perfectly blend in with your suit jacket and ensure your bride is carrying matching botanicals in her bouquet. You will make quite the stylish and on-trend couple!

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