When Sally and Chris held their cocktail wedding (see more on Polka Dot Bride), I was quite taken by Chris’ memories of the day.

Chris says, “The day was magic, surreal and perfect, everything went to plan. The beautiful church had the sound of a string quartet playing and a stunning and strikingly attractive bride walking towards me. It was important for our family and closest friends to be there as a symbol of their support, happiness and friendship. The reception was conversational, full of laughs and excitement. I remember somebody telling me, take a step back from the guests and take in the scene. Sally and I did this a couple of times and these were the moments where I just smiled and thought to myself ‘this is surreal’, it was perfect.

The speeches blew everyone away and as Sally stated earlier we were both not particularly fond of speaking. The speeches began with a few nerves but before long, we had everyone in laughter with great stories, ending in loving words for each other. Then it came to the dance, where after weeks of practice with my wonderful wife, I had all the steps in my head ready to play out. A little shaky at the start then swung into action, missing a few steps along the way. I’m sure the guests were too distracted by our swings and turns to notice. Leaving the reception in a boat was peaceful and we looked back at the shores of Watsons Bay to see guests waving goodbye from the balcony and the jetty. This was truly a wonderful and unforgettable night.”

Photos by Momentscaptured Photography.

You are warmly invited to the folding, printing, sticking, cutting and posting of our wedding invitations. Yep, I will admit, I usually have eyes that are way too big for my stomach, (and by stomach I mean time, money, manpower etc. etc.) and this was no different. Mind you, I am convinced that by taking all of this on myself, I saved hundreds of dollars and got exactly what we both wanted.

Here’s what we did …


The envelopes are DVD cases which I ordered through a packaging company in Sydney … I of course didn’t even think about the fact that they arrive flat and need to be folded (x 100).


Ok, so after folding 100 envelopes I stood back and realized they looked pretty blank and boring so we decided we would choose some of our favourite photos from our engagement shoot (which we shot with the freakish talent – Dan O’Day) and turn them into stickers to line the box. This also ended being the perfect place to remind people that it was an invitation only event …  Apparently, that’s not obvious to some.

The Details

A good friend of mine Dan Codyre of New Exhibition Creative Agency had designed our engagement invites and we had also asked him to do something for our wedding. He hand-painted the front of the insert, which we love. He got some shots of the ceremony venue and then pretty must just dropped us right in there. Of course a painting of us holding hands in front of a house is a bit vague as far as details go so I enlisted the help of another genius friend of ours, Leonie to hand paint all the info on the back!


On one of our random wanders through Paddington, The Fiancé and I found an amazing award ribbon, which we purchased … and when we sat down to work out what we were going to do for our invites, it just seemed like a fun way of getting our theme across … why did our invite have to be paper? Why couldn’t it be a colourful award ribbon with all the details on it? – so that’s exactly what we did. I searched high and low in Australia to find a company that made them but there was nothing that looked as good (or was as affordable) as the one we’d found in Paddington that day. So I dug it up, found the website and contacted the company in Pennsylvania!!

I think they thought I was a little crazy – who the heck was this random Aussie guy wanting 150 ribbons with wedding details in crazy colours?! Anyway, a few late night calls to the US and a couple shipping dramas later, they arrived!

We taped everything together with tape from Rob Ryan and sent them all off for our guests to marvel at and maybe ponder in confusion.

I am definitely relieved that it’s done, and I’m thrilled that I will be getting married only once in my life – but we love our invites and hope you like looking at them too!

Photos from Julian’s collection.

Ms Gingham says: I love the award ribbons!!! I think we’d all agree that marrying the love of your life feels like coming first in a race so why not? Very creative stuff!

Groomzilla describes himself as: Stylist, Meticulous planner and creative eye.

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It always kills me when I can’t show each and every single one of the gorgeous wedding images photographers send us. When Anthony and Emelia married (see more here) I struggled to cut out some of my favourite photos – a morning of lawn bowls that Anthony kicked off with his friends. So along with some of my favourite photos of the boys at Emelia and Anthony’s wedding (shot by Pobke Photography) I thought we’d share a little of Anthony’s thoughts on his wedding day. Anthony wore a cream suit from Roger David.

Over to Anthony  – “The lead up to the wedding creeps on you so quickly and you become so so busy finalising all the little details. But when the day finally arrives it is a feeling that is un-describable.”

“The nerves are flowing but at the same time there is so much excitement. Watching my wife walk down the aisle looking so amazing with a huge smile on her face was one thing I will never forget.”

Leading up to the wedding I was told by many people to step back for a moment during the night, look around and take it all in. To have all the people that mean so much to us both in the one place was very special. I only wish we could do it all over again. Greatest day of my life and the beginning of “OURS TOGETHER.””

Photos by Pobke Photography