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Proposals can be tricky things. They have a lot of layers. No doubt the most difficult aspect is deciding that the time is right to pop the question.

And once you’ve got that locked down, then you’ve got to start thinking about the ring. Do you go it alone and buy one? Or ask the question and allow your partner to choose their ideal ring? Tough call. But there’s one other thing on that all-important checklist that I’d like to cover this week: the proposal location.

It’s fair to say that it’s not as important as the ultimate decision or the ring selection, and for some, the choice to propose on a whim in the lounge room can be the right call.

There is no wrong way to propose, after all. But if you’re looking to go the extra mile for that story you can tell and retell for the rest of your lives, then finding a unique location can make all the difference.

For those of you lucky enough to be in one of the most liveable cities in the world, I’ve found some of the coolest locations to propose – guaranteed to help you craft a proposal story that you’ll enjoy telling long after you actually tie the knot. And if you don’t live in Melbourne, isn’t it time you paid us a visit?

Proposing over drinks

In a city famous for its cocktails, Eua de Vie is just about peerless. Virtually hidden down an innocuous alleyway in the CBD (because…Melbourne), this bar is straight out of 1920’s prohibition America era.

Order an amazing cocktail – I suggest something with flames or smoke – and just after the waiter puts your drinks down, get down on one knee and pop the question.

Uber cool points? Check. Epic memory made? Check. If you’re feeling super fancy, there’s a Whisky Room hidden behind a book case.



Proposing with a View

You may have heard of the Eureka Skydeck – it’s Melbourne’s tallest building after all, but did you know there is a restaurant on the 89th floor?

Eureka 89 is brimming with romantic sentiment. You’ll be blown away by the unparalleled views of Melbourne while tucking into some exquisite food. We recommend proposing after the mains but before dessert, it will make the end of the night that much sweeter.

Hot tip: Try and find out when sunset is and book your dinner reservation for that time. The sunset from the Eureka Tower is absolute perfection.

Image via Eureka 89

Image via Eureka 89

Proposing in nature

Confession time: I’m more than a little bit biased towards the Carlton Gardens. This is where I tied the knot with Mrs Houndstooth. You’ll come for the up close and personal look at the heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Building and the Victorian era Hochgurtel Fountain, but the picturesque green lawns hemmed in by giant oaks will keep you hanging around all day. Bring a picnic blanket and pull up a spot directly in front of the grand fountain – the perfect place to pop the question.

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Proposing to an arts lover

Many people will tell you Hosier lane in Melbourne is the place to go to soak in the city’s unique street art culture, but there’s another gem which is just as cool. Plus, if your partner appreciates music and art, you can’t go wrong with AC/DC Lane. Steeped in history and named after one of Australia’s biggest musical exports, AC/DC Lane is also dripping with uber cool street art.

Fair warning: This is an actual laneway, so if you’re going to pop the question here, there will be people everywhere and just like most Melbourne laneways, you have to take the grit with the gorgeous.

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Proposing like you’re in Pride and Prejudice

Don your finest duds and stroll the gardens at Rippon Lea house and gardens in Melbourne’s south east. You’ll be mesmerised by the large 19th century mansion surrounded by seven hectares of “Victorian pleasure gardens”. This is truly a unique venue for your proposal, the National Heritage Registered building is one of the most amazing examples of preserved suburban estate in the country. Now all you need to do is predict the Melbourne weather!


Other spots to check out: Albert Park Lake, St Kilda Pier, Transit Rooftop and Bar, Vue de Monde.

Ms Zebra Says: You’ve nailed the locations Mr Houndstooth! Although as you mention, there are SO many great spots in Melbourne that would be ideal for that special moment. 

About the author Mr Houndstooth: I am a happily married man. I enjoy a fine whisky, a new suit and swashbuckling around town with my beautiful bride. Looking back on my wedding day always makes me smile, even though it began to rain just as I said ‘I do’.


Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding056

Think warm Summer day in the Hunter Valley, cool breeze & twinkling fairy lights – that’s what this fairytale wedding of May & George’s  epitomised! Especially after having known each other for a long time prior to becoming a couple, George says “it was meant to be”.

He reminisces on his favourite memory:

“May’s beautiful smile. It never stopped. ”

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding057
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Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding073
Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding074
Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding075
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Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding077

Groom to be Keller shares his love story and the inspiration behind this magical floral filled Brisbane proposal.

How we met

Katie and I have been friends for so many years, I remember going to band camp with her in grade 4 and we played the clarinet together.

Through high school I used to admire her every day but always knew she was out of my league.

Many years later, I was out one night having dinner with the boys and in walks this drop dead gorgeous brunette in a long white dress, I literally had to pick my jaw up off the floor and HAD to talk to her.

It turned out it was Katie and she remembered me! We got talking and quickly realised we had so much in common including our love for The Beatles, we even both have The Beatles tattoos.

I could feel the electricity and chemistry between us, time stopped when we were together and I knew this was different to anything I had ever felt.

We have spent every single day together ever since.

Planning my proposal

I was planning on making this special for a long time but with my work commitments I couldn’t put it all together myself. The experienced teams at Amazing Proposals (who we also know as Brisbane City Celebrants) and Brisbane Wedding Decorators were a great help when it came to pulling off something extra special.

I briefed them that Katie’s favorite colour is yellow and that her favorite flowers are chrysanthemums, then using these as inspiration, together we designed an elegant setting.

We nutted out a plan to tell Katie that we had a photo shoot with each other as I needed her to get the day off work, As a former contestant on the TV show ‘Married at First Sight’, I was able to use this as an excuse for a photo shoot.

Elite Car Hire organised the sweet rides to escort us to the location separately in style, which added to the unforgettable day. We also had a wonderful Photographer Leanne from Elske Photography and the film crew from Castle and Crown Films were on hand and they made the most perfect video for us to remember our special day.

On the day

On the day I was ready to go and got picked up in a LamborghinI and Katie was picked up shortly after in a Mustang, giving me enough time to meet the team at the location and make sure everything was going to run perfectly.

I arrived to the most magical set up with Michael Bublé playing in the background, there were beautiful flowers and the most stunning arbour set up decorated with an abundance of yellow flowers and even a floral chandelier!

The fine details made it so special, like having on an engraved wood “Will you marry me?’ sign, the beautiful yellow flowers with bees buzzing around them and the rows of trees in the background, I got out of the car and my heart skipped a beat.

I just looked at it and thought ‘yep this is it, this is perfect.’ I even let a tear slip.

I got mic’d up by the videographers and waited for Katie to get there. We waited for a while and I thought ‘oh no’ she had sussed this out and has turned around, she’s not coming! But the team kept me calm and soon enough I saw the mustang driving down the road.

Katie got there and was in full shock and I yelled out “surprise baby, this isn’t a shoot!”


She walked over to me waiting in front of the sign and I just let my heart go and said everything I felt, how in love I am, how she is my world and my best friend, how lucky I am to have her and the kids in my life and then dropped down on one knee and popped the question “will you marry me?” ……. Boom she said yes and my heart filled with complete love and satisfaction.

It was in that moment my life was now complete and I knew I have made the right choice in my life partner because this is going to be us for the rest of our lives and I couldn’t be happier or more certain of anything.

The day was perfect and I couldn’t have created such a magical proposal without the team of suppliers, they honestly helped me achieve the most perfect proposal to the one I love most.

Designing the custom made ring

The ring was hard because I wanted something different and unique that could represent how Katie makes me feel and that she’s not like anyone else I have met so a normal ring wouldn’t do.

I went to Prouds the Jewelers and explained what I wanted. We went through so many books and I got bits and pieces from all different rings and designed a custom ring which they made.

A heart of diamonds because she shows the strongest heart to love me and the kids and anyone else that comes into her life. Also the heart shape is unique like her.

I got pink diamonds put in it for the kids, she has 2 of her own and I want to have 2 more with her. As soon as I saw the diamond I knew it was perfect, it was the clearest and best grade money could buy and I couldn’t stop smiling!

The hardest thing was when I picked up the ring, trying to keep it a secret and not blowing the whole plan and proposing to her on the spot as I’m the worst with secrets.

The Wedding Plans

We are planning a small and intimate day with family and friends on a private property. We will have a live Beatles cover band flying down from Darwin just for us. We envisage singing and dancing through the night with the love of our family and close friends. It will be beautiful elegant, simple, and us.

Congratulations on your engagement Keller and Katie!

Photographer: Elske Photography / Proposal Planner: Amazing Proposals / Styling: Brisbane Wedding Decorators / Transport: Elite Car Hire / Engagement Ring: Prouds / Hairstylist: Kristis Kuts  / Cinematographer: Castle and Crown Films