I love these stylish ascots from US company Ceravelo. The brand strives to create ascots that are each a unique piece of art. They use incredible fabrics, in beautiful coloursn and each ascot is delivered in an up-cycled cigar box.

The site is incredibly easy to use – with ascots being sorted into patterns..

Polka dots…



Just to name a few! (they also have florals, solids, herringbone and even seasons!) Ceravelo ship internationally (although if you’re in San Francisco they do offer a bicycle delivery service!)

The Ceravelo team have even created a fun video on how to tie an ascot:

The wedding of Cara & Bruce was an incredible occasion that we shared last year on Polka Dot Bride (see more here). There was something different about this wedding, but I’ll let the photos tell the story.

Bruce shares, “My most memorable moment was when I first saw Cara walking down the “aisle” in the most beautiful dress.”

Photos by Matt Palmer of York St Wedding Photography.

The wedding of Penny & Gerald (see more on Polka Dot Bride here) was so beautifully put together that I thought it needed a little closer inspection (at least, on Polka Dot Groom)  of Gerald’s smart outfit.

As a traveler, Gerald had the opportunity to scour the world for his outfit and it tied in well with the mismatched, eclectic feel of the day. Gerald wore a suit made by La Cambre Tailor in Belgium. It was a three piece design in a smart check. Gerald paired it with an orange tie adorned with white polka dots and a white shirt. He purchased his shoes in Jerusalem, Israel.

Photos by Jonas Peterson