Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 18th 2008

A bucks celebration, or as it is known elsewhere a bachelor party, celebrates the groom’s last night out as a “single” man and celebrates the friendships of his friends. While there are typical events a groom, his groomsmen and friends might participate in, today we’re having a look at some fresh and fun ideas.

Cooking Class

Photo from Boys Can Cook

A cooking class is something that can be a lot of fun! Drinking fine wine while preparing a delicious feast which you can cook again at home. Classes provide the opportunity for a lot of laughs and some great new tips to use to wow your guests at your next dinner party. “This souffle? Oh it took no time at all!”

Try Boys Can Cook in Sydney and Ed Dixon Food Design in Melbourne.

Fishing Tour

A sunny day on the water, competing to snag that day’s biggest catch! Most fishing tour providers give you everything you need for a bit of Rex Hunt style fun. Lunch is provided and the peace and quiet of the open water is sure to get the groom to de-stress and enjoy himself. If you’d like, you can even end the day by feasting on the day’s efforts!

Try Blue Juice Charters in Perth and in Melbourne try Melbourne Fishing Charters

Winery Tour

Explore your region’s best vino without the worry of driving home! Most capital cities in Australia (and some rural areas) have a gorgeous array of wineries perfect for a day out. Plus you get to stock up your own home cellar

In Adelaide try Rich and Lingering

4WD Adventure

Pack the blokes into a 4wd and climb mountains on four wheels. Discover some hidden beauties and wildlife as the previously insurmountable rocks become an easy challenge. Some tour companies will be able to take you on an action packed day which can include other adventures such as white water rafting and abseiling.

In Sydney try River Deep Mountain High


Slightly traditional and potentially a lot of fun. Have some fun with your style (checked pants and matching hats are always groovy). Most clubs can offer group packages with a catered lunch and equipment hire.

In Melbourne try Eagle Ridge Golf Course


Feel like an adrenalin rush? Parasailing takes you flying behind a boat at full speed. When not being dunked in the water of flying you can ride in the boat enjoying the sunshine and a boat ride.

In NSW Try Port Stephens Parasailing


Always a classic, a good game of poker is sure to not only have you relaxed and having fun but also get your brain working! A lot of companies offer all the casino fun for hire roulette tables, blackjack tables and more. A casino at home!

In Melbourne try Blackjack Knights

Go Karting

I think almost every guy likes to race his mates on a track! Hiring a go kart track for the day can be a great way to celebrate. Some venues have packages of heats and finals and some offer a BBQ lunch and beer to round the day off.

In Sydney try Kartatrak Racing and in Melbourne Auscarts Racing

Paintball or Laser Skirmish

Try the ultimate in a combat style day out laden with paint balls. Navigate courses while trying to escape the painful ping of the paintball. (Note don’t do this the week before the wedding as it can cause some nasty bruises!)

If you’d prefer something a little less painful, laser skirmish offers the same experience but a little more high tech using infrared lasers and sensory headgear.

In Perth try Paintball Petes and in Sydney, Red Baron Laser

The Races

Look dapper at your bucks! A day at the races is the perfect day out for the highly styled groom. Have some fun by placing bets, have a drink or two and work your fashion sense with an entry in the men’s race wear finals.

The best time for a day at the races is during the spring racing carnivals, though race meets are held regularly throughout the country.

Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 17th 2008

Kathryn from Snippet and Ink joins Polka Dot Groom again with a mini board and tips on having fun at your wedding. Check out her previous posts here- Personality and Comfort.

Fun & Games: One of the complaints I’ve heard men (among others) make about weddings, it that everything is taken so seriously. So why not lighten up and bring some fun into the day?


Clockwise from top left
1. The groom won’t be the only one who appreciates a foosball table or pinball machine! (photo by Anne Ruthmann )
2. Even if every other aspect is formal, cufflinks are a fun place to be a little playful. (cufflinks by Cufflinks)
3. Not everyone is for dancing, and games are a great alternative. Croquet and bocce ball are two suggestions. (photo by Cooper Carras)
4. Horseshoes is another fun game. (photo from Jupiter Images)

You can check out more tips and delightful boards from Kathryn at her home Snippet and Ink. Check back next week for Kathryn’s final Polka Dot Groom board!

Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 17th 2008

There’s a bit of a groomsmen flavour to this week so let’s start with the basics!

Photo by Xiss Photography

You’ve been asked to stand beside your best mate on his wedding day. Here’s a quick guide for what your role as a groomsman entails.

Suit Fittings

Whether you or the engaged couple are buying or hiring your suit. Do attend suit fittings and ensure you have all the right attire – from socks to ties and shoes for the wedding day. Do you need cuff links or shirt studs?

Buck’s Night

Also known as the bachelor party this is your chance to throw a fabulous party to celebrate the groom! Do respect his wishes on what sort of entertainment he prefers. Don’t do anything to endanger the groom or make him feel uncomfortable. Celebrate your ongoing friendship.


Don’t forget to buy the newlyweds a wedding gift. Perhaps chip in with the other groomsmen to get something really special.


Do support your mate on the day. Calm his nerves, take him for a game of golf and have a laugh. Make sure he is adequately fed and hydrated (but not with alcohol!!) before the ceremony.

Mix and Mingle

Be on your toes! You may have to act as an usher for wedding guests, or help guests who are unsure of directions or what is happening next. Try not to stress the groom out with these minor details.

There are other roles a groomsman may be expected to perform at a traditional wedding. What part you will play will depend on the bride and groom and formality of the wedding.

* Attending the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
* Distribute programs/order or service booklets
* Place the aisle runner on the aisle after guests have been seated
* Escorting a bridesmaid down the aisle
* Dancing with the bridesmaids
* Decorating the getaway car

If you’re the best man you will have extra roles to play

* Coordinates the bucks night/bachelor party
* Looks after the wedding rings
* Witness the marriage certificate
* A speech at the reception
* May take on the MC role.
* Coordinates the groomsmen and ushers
* May be in charge of last payments to vendors made on the day

Most of all- have fun! Being a groomsmen is an honour and something you will be able to treasure.