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Ok, so we’re in the middle of trying to work out our guest list at the moment (and I can already feel all the married people cringe) and yes, it is difficult. Both my fiancé and I have big families, lots of cousins, cousin’s husbands and wives, 2nd cousins … catch my drift?

Having spoken to varying couples about their experiences I’ve noticed that everyone has a different rule when it comes to making and culling their guest list. You can take the logical option of having an ‘A List’ and a ‘B List’, you can go with a ‘no partners’ or ‘No under 18’s’ policy to cut out any unwanted family extras (and keep you out of trouble with underage drinking) or you could keep it fun and play a little game of guest list roulette. It seems to me that whatever rules you do come up with you end up making exceptions to anyway because, let’s face it, we all have that one family member or friend that is going to cause more drama than a $140 dinner is worth if they don’t make the cut.

Whatever size the guest list is, here are a few thoughts I hope will help someone out with their planning:

It’s YOUR wedding.
If possible, try not to feel obliged to invite anyone just “because”. The day is about celebrating your love and commitment, so don’t bother with people who aren’t there to celebrate and support YOU.

Choose based on the future, not the past.
Forget about that friend you knew in primary school but haven’t seen in fifteen years! You haven’t missed them, or even really thought about them that often, so chances are you won’t miss them on the day. Choose your guests based on who you can see being a part of your lives together in the next ten to fifteen years.

Find ways to keep it personal.
If you do end up with a longer guest list than you intended don’t worry; there are plenty of ways for you to keep it intimate and personal as a couple. Even the smallest things from lighting to how far you spread out chairs and tables all contribute to how intimate the day feels.

Work it out together.
Guest lists have a reputation for bringing out the worst in a couple. Make sure that you are working together and not against each other when you’re putting your guest list together. If you can’t agree, talk it out until you come to a conclusion … and if that still seems unlikely, try cracking open a couple bottles of red and tackling it again another day … There’s nothing like a hangover to bring out your more brutal side!

So, what’s the moral of the story?
Well, ultimately we all have to make our own rules when it comes to the guest list, and planning a wedding in general. Just remember that at the end of the day, once the ring is on that finger and you’ve burnt a hole in your pocket so deep you can see your underwear, you will want to look back and know that you shared the experience with the people who matter the most to you and your partner.

Oh, and there’s no problem a couple bottles of red can’t fix!


Ms Gingham says: Groomzilla returns with a very insightful piece of advice. Make it about you and the people you actually want to be there. Don’t try to make everyone happy because you can’t!

Groomzilla describes himself as: Stylist, Meticulous planner and creative eye.

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Good Heavens Mens Ties

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Polka Dot Bride

Did you know Papa Polka Dot is very particular about his ties? It’s always a bit of a gamble coming up with ties that he might’ve chosen and as much as he gushes over it, we never really know if it’s a winner until he actually chooses to wear it. I stumbled across these amazing ties from Good Heavens on Green Wedding Shoes.


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The Gear Ring

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Polka Dot Bride

Mr Polka Dot, has an incessant fascination with how things work. So I think this “Gear ring” from Kinekt Design might be the perfect wedding ring for a guy like him. The gears in the ring actually move (as shown in the video below) and although wider than your average ring, I think there’s a certain modern, stylish flavour to this creation. Check out the Kinekt Design website for more.